Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'She comes everywhere with me': Victoria Beckham stays true to her word as she takes Harper to her son's karate class

By Alanah Eriksen

Always together: Victoria Beckham takes baby Harper with her everywhere including Cruz's karate class today

She's hardly seen without her so it was no surprise that Victoria Beckham took her baby girl to a karate class today.

The mother-of-four was accompanying her youngest boy, Cruz, to the out of school activity in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles and had five-month-old Harper in tow.

The former Spice Girl is obviously sticking to her word after she recently admitted to Hello! magazine: 'She comes everywhere with me.'

Wearing a black leather jacket and large sunglasses, Victoria, 37, who hardly ever pushes the youngster in a pram, held her daughter close to her as she was wrapped up in a grey blanket.

The youngster is growing a mop of dark hair like her mother's fairly quickly and as they emerged from the karate class, it could be seen sticking up.

Six-year-old Cruz stayed close to his mother also as he left wearing his blue karate outfit.

Victoria - who won a top prize at the British Fashion Awards last week - also explained in her interview why she doesn't take all four of her children with her on her travels.

'All the kids would come everywhere with me, but they have to be at school,' she told Hello!

She also revealed that on the night that she won her award, Harper was fast asleep upstairs in their hotel suite.

Not so Posh anymore: Victoria Beckham, pictured after winning Designer Brand of the Year last week, says her children and husband David are her inspiration

Victoria added that her four children and her football ace husband David are the inspiration for her work.

'David is my rock. He encourages me and gives me confidence to do what I do and my kids inspire me every day. And my mum and dad were here, which was fantastic. I love them all so, so much. My family means everything to me.'

When Victoria was at the awards, David was with his team, LA Galaxy, in Jakarta but was quick to congratulate his wife via Facebook.

Still in love: Victoria, who has been married to her LA Galaxy star husband for 12 years, described him as her 'rock'

Victoria revealed that she almost forgot to thank people because her mind 'went blank' as she fought nerves on stage, despite performing hundreds of times during her time in the Spice Girls.

'But I had four other people to hide behind. People say to me: "Oh, it must be easy for you, to get up on that stage - you did it before". But that was the most nervous I have ever, ever been. It's been like a roller coaster ride, it really has.'

Victoria also told OK! magazine that she had no friends when she was growing up but it taught her to be resilient.

Baby love: Mother-of-four Victoria's five-month-old daughter Harper was asleep upstairs at the Savoy Hotel in London as her mother accepted the gong

Doting daddy: David with the couple's three boys, Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, nine, and Cruz, six

'I was a skinny sallow-faced eight-year-old with pigtails and a gap in my teeth big enough for a pea to get stuck in. It was miserable. I didn't fit in.

'Children were picking things up out of puddles and throwing them at me. I just stood there, on my own.

'People would push me around, say they were going to beat me up.

'What did I care? I didn't need friends. One day I'd show them. One day I'd be famous and then they'd be sorry.'

With the support of her father Tony and mother Jackie in the audience, Victoria fought tears on stage as she accepted her award from friend Marc Jacobs.

'I'm so sorry for crying. I'm being so rubbish, she said.

She added: 'I would like to thank the British fashion industry for your support,' she said. 'I'd like to thank my team, you all know who you are, your focus, your creativity, I couldn't do it without you.

'Simon Fuller, a dear friend and the best business partner that anybody could possibly ask for.

'My parents, my kids and my husband. Without David I wouldn't have had the courage to do what I am doing.'

Marc Jacobs told the magazine his friend was 'a great mother to her kids and a great wife to her husband'.

He also revealed: 'She also said to me that she was going to have this hurdle of getting over the whole Post Spice thing and footballer's wife.

'And I said "We all have hurdles. If you really want to do this - and it seems like you really do - you will do it." And she has, and she's done it with great style and humility and she deserves to be rewarded for it.'

It's also rumoured that Victoria is looking forward to moving back to the UK.

According to Closer magazine, she is 'over the moon' at the thought of being closer to her family in London.

'This is very much what Victoria wants,' a source said. 'She loves the lifestyle and the sun in LA, but worries constantly she's not close to enough people.

'It's a 12-hour flight from LA to London and she's homesick.'

It's thought that David is considering signing an 189-month contract with Paris Saint-Germain, in which case the family will relocate to Europe.



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