Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eating the wrong kind of school dinners? Jamie Oliver appears to have piled on the pounds as he attends launch Down Under

By Daily Mail Reporter

Eating the wrong kind of school dinners? Jamie Oliver appeared to have piled on the pounds as he attended the launch of his new Ministry of Food in Australia today

He's always been an advocate for healthy eating, especially when it comes to the meals served in schools.

But it seems Jamie Oliver may have been eating the wrong kind of school dinners in recent months, judging by pictures of the TV chef at the launch of the Ministry of Food in Melbourne, Australia, today.

The father-of-four looked noticeably plumper and appeared to have piled on the pounds since his last public event.

Jamie, 36, wore a pair of jeans, grey T-shirt and khaki shirt with trainers as he posed up for photographers in front of a table piled high with junk food.

The Naked Chef is in Australia to launch his second Ministry of Food, in partnership with The Victorian Government and the Good Foundation, to attack state-wide obesity.

Tackling the bigger issue: Jamie is in Australia to launch his new ministry, to try and get on top of obesity in the country

Taking it all in: Jamie stands back and surveys the table piled high with junk food at the press launch

The new scheme will see AU$5million put towards helping teach cooking techniques and nutrition to participants in a larger attempt to attack obesity as a whole in the country.

Oliver said he was 'chuffed to bits' to be starting his second ministry in the country, following the success of the initiative in Ipswich, Queensland.

However, the launch wasn't entirely controversy free as Jamie also took the opportunity to lash out at Conservative Party health secretary Andrew Lansley, with whom he has been trading insults for months.

Jamie told reporters at the launch: 'We are lacking real leadership in Britain, sadly, and it's killing us - literally.

'That whole government - they lack any imagination.

'They haven't done anything that will even touch what's been announced today.'

He added that he hoped his new scheme would help cut down on the amount of obesity in the country.

Jamie said: 'I don't really know of anyone that can threaten of an early death by not doing their geography homework.

'But if kids aren't taught about food, where it comes from and how it affects their body, then in essence we are doing them a massive disservice.

'In light of the statistics of bad health today, to not do anything would be child abuse.'



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