Thursday, March 8, 2012

One is not amused: David Beckham fumes after fan throws a beer can at him at Toronto game

By Alanah Eriksen and Emily Sheridan

Not happy: David Beckham holds up a beer can that was thrown at him during the Toronto FC-Los Angeles Galaxy match at the Rogers Centre last night

David Beckham was fuming last night when a Toronto FC fan pelted him with a beer can during a football match in Canada last night.

The Los Angeles Galaxy player was preparing to take a corner when the empty packaging was hurled at him from a member of the crowd at the Rogers Centre.

The can was an attempt to distract the 37-year-old, who had already been covered in streamers, as he stood on the side of the pitch.

Fuming: The can was just one of many distractions Toronto FC fans attempted ahead of his corner kick

Clearly unamused, Becks picked up the can and shook it at the crowd, demonstrating his displeasure.

However, he managed to get the last laugh when he kicked the ball to team-mate Landon Donovan, who ended up equalising 2-2.

Speaking about the incident later, Beckham said: 'Tonight was a great atmosphere. The majority were here to enjoy the spectacle.

'It’s a shame some people spoiled it. It’s disappointing kids see it … but it was a great atmosphere.'

This is ridiculous: Beckham has to clear the pitch ahead of his corner kick

Earlier on Wednesday, Beckham was spotted with his teammates for a stroll around the Toronto suburb of Yorkville.

The boys stopped at a local Starbucks for a caffeine fix to perk them up for the first leg of the quarter-final of the CONCACAF Champions League.

With his hands in his pockets, the father-of-four walked side by side with the lads as they chatted and checked out the town.

I'm trying to play here: Beckham is covered in streamers as he takes a corner

He wore an identical blue and yellow Adidas tracksuit to his teammates, along with blue trainers.

He will no doubt be missing his children, but he was able to celebrate his eldest son Brooklyn's 13th birthday on Sunday.

David and wife Victoria made sure their eldest son remembered entering his teenage years by arranging for their good friend Usher to phone him.

A source told the Daily Star: 'As he was unwrapping a new Arsenal football kit, David casually walked in telling him there was someone on the phone who wanted to wish him happy birthday.'

The insider also revealed Brooklyn presumed it was just another relative from England as the phone had been ringing all morning with well-wishers from their native UK.

Are you ready? The clubs will meet for the first leg of the quarter-final of the CONCACAF Champions League

Brooklyn reportedly went 'bright red' and told David it was the 'best birthday present ever'.

In addition to the phonecall, Brooklyn was treated to an LA Lakers game with his father, while Victoria stayed at home and tweeted a cute picture of the family pet dog Coco wearing a party hat.

The fashion designer wrote: 'Coco is celebrating Brooklyn's 13th birthday!'

The midfielder slung a tattooed arm around Brooklyn in a gesture of fatherly affection during the court action at the Staples Center.

Brooklyn gazed up at his famous dad with a look of complete adoration on his face.

He even emulated an outfit that the football star has often worn in the past, with a T-shirt underneath an open plaid button-down, while sporting a yellow Lakers cap in a nod to his new hometown team.

Pausing for thought: There was no mistaking the footballer ace in his trademark slung beanie

Standing out: The boys looked striking in their blue and yellow tracksuits



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