Monday, March 12, 2012

Rock chick Cher Lloyd can't raise a smile as she soaks up the sun on Californian set of her new video

By Sarah Bull

What's up? Cher Lloyd couldn't raise a smile on the set of her new music video in San Fernando earlier this week

She shot to fame as a bouncy, attention-seeking contestant on The X Factor in 2010.

But judging by pictures of Cher Lloyd on the set of her new video in San Fernando over the weekend, the teenager is attempting to go for a more serious approach for her next song.

The 18-year-old star failed to raise a smile on the Californian set of the video, going for a grungy new look in a cropped T-shirt and pleated leather miniskirt.

Grungy new look: Cher wore a cropped T-shirt with a pleated leather miniskirt and ripped lace tights with boots

Cher teamed the outfit with ripped lacy tights and a pair of heavy boots, topping the ensemble off with lots of rock chick-type jewellery.

The teenager later tweeted a picture of herself and fiancé Craig Monk with a canine friend on the set of the video, with the caption: 'Me and craig yesterday at the video shoot..what a cute dog!!!!! Xxxx'

While Cher is making a name for herself as a bona fide singer, she said in a recent interview taht she's not 'your average celebrity, and never will be. I am a businesswoman'.

Being sensible: Cher kept herself hydrated in between takes by sipping on a bottle of water

She added: 'We singers are known as public property, just because this is what we've dreamed of doing forever.

'But it doesn't mean you can knock us to the ground and treat us like s***. We're real people, and what we're doing is hard work.'

During the interview in heat magazine, Cher also hit out at critics of her recent engagement to hairdresser Craig.

She said: People are negative no matter what you do. People are always going to say "she's too young". I'm from a gypsy background! I'm meant to be married by now.'



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