Friday, March 9, 2012

'Thank you for noticing you b****': Jamie Oliver's foulmouthed response to question about his weight gain

By Daily Mail Reporter

He's used to taking politicians and parents to task over healthy eating.

But when questioned about his own diet in Australia this week, Jamie Oliver wasn't quite so happy.

The celebrity chef, 36, bristled when asked by a female reporter if he had gained a few pounds recently and called her a 'b****'.

Bristling: Jamie Oliver hit out at a female journalist during an Q&A about responsible eating in Melbourne on Tuesday

When the father-of-four was questioned on whether he had filled out a bit he replied: 'I don't know. I am very healthy.

'Are you from a tabloid? Thank you for noticing, you b****.'

It wasn't clear whether or not Oliver was joking during the outburst.

However Oliver admitted he tried to watch his weight and worked out twice a week, but said there was room for improvement.

He explained: 'I do my best. Working in the food business is quite hard when someone is constantly asking you to try things.

Yuck! Oliver stands by a table full of junk food as he launches a campaign to tackle obesity

'I eat fresh. I train twice a week. I could definitely do better, but I am trying to do my best like most people when they hit 30.'

His U.S. spokeswoman Kimberly Yorio insisted her client's weight remained the same.

She told Australia's ABC News: 'I can say for a fact he hasn’t gained any weight. They were bad pictures.'

Healthy alternative: Oliver poses with Victorian state premier Ted Ballieau at the Ministry Of Food launch

At the Q&A session on responsible eating on Tuesday, Oliver admitted he was not thinking straight after 'a few drinks' the night before.

He said: 'I went out last night and had a few drinks after a very long day, (and) my brain did not quite understand that question.'

So they may go some way to explain his unguarded and candid response.

The Naked Chef is in Australia to launch his second Ministry of Food, in partnership with The Victorian Government and the Good Foundation, to attack state-wide obesity.

The new scheme will see AU$5million put towards helping teach cooking techniques and nutrition to participants in a larger attempt to attack obesity as a whole in the country.

Weight gain? Oliver in Sydney on Sunday (left) and at the 2011 Oscars last year



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