Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'They call me a beached whale': Lauren Goodger opens up about wanting to eat 'all the time' and her daily Twitter abuse

By Kirsty Mccormack

She's spoken about her weight problem in the past but it seems Lauren Goodger is still hung up about her size.

The Only Way Is Essex star has spoken out about her constant weight battle revealing her struggle to shift the excess pounds.

Speaking to Heat magazine, the 25-year-old opened up about unhappy it makes her and the affect is has on her on a daily basis.

'I hate the way I look': Lauren Goodger opens up about her weight battle

Lauren admitted that her size 12 figure makes her feel 'so unhappy' despite being a size under the national average.

'I think about it all of the time – from the moment I get up,' she said. 'But I still struggle to do anything about it.

'It’s upsetting me more than anything, it’s like I’m punishing myself. When I think about it it all gets too much. I think everyone looks at me and thinks; "She’s fat." I hate the way I look.'

The reality TV star - whose Essex salon was recently petrol bombed - has tried many attempts to shape up in the past but just can't seem to stick to a routine.

'I've tried boot camp, had a personal trainer and a nutritionist,' she said. 'But I just start eating again. I have a problem.'

Desperate to be slimmer: Lauren revealed that the nasty abuse she gets via Twitter drives her to eat more

But it's not just her love of food that is causing Lauren to eat more, but the constant abuse that she receives via social networking site Twitter.

'It’s awful,' Lauren said of some of the messages. 'There are some really unkind bullies out there. They don’t even know me. Who do they think they are?

'They call me a beached whale and a fat c***. They also call me Miss Piggy.'

But it seems Lauren is ready to confront these people and her own demons as she exposes her body and bare face in the magazine.

Wearing a pair of red shorts, a white vest and just a hint of lipgloss, the brunette looks miserable as she stares into the camera and admits that she hardly ever looks in the mirror when leaving for her various nights out on the town.

What a difference: Lauren, pictured left earlier this year, and right looking her usual size in November 2010

'I always think I look good and then I see a pap picture and I look awful,' she said. 'It really upsets me. If I thought I really looked like that I wouldn’t leave the house.'

She went on to say that when she does look in the mirror she sees a girl 'who should be skinnier.'

Lauren's weight issues have even driven her to buy only dresses that have sleeves, and has forced her to wear cardigans all the time as she 'hates' her arms.

Cover up: Lauren, seen today in London, admits she rarely looks in the mirror before she heads out to party, and prefers to cover her arms in long-sleeved dresses

She also revealed that she has cut out white wine and drinks champagne instead when she goes out as 'it's less fattening,' but went on to say that she can't cut out her late night snacks such as pizza and chocolate.

Despite admitting that she feels she is a 'poster girl' for being curvy, Lauren went on to say that her body isn't toned like most curvy women's are.

'I need to be dedicated and although I really want it I can’t seem to put it into action and actually lose any weight,' she said.

'I just want to eat all the time. I don’t have any willpower. But, I want to change badly. I desperately want to be photographed and have people say nice things about me, that I look good rather than "Lauren, what were you thinking?"'

Since splitting from her long-term boyfriend Mark Wright last year, Lauren feels that she has gained weight but admitted she likes to go out and enjoy being single if only she had the confidence.

'I am single now and I should be thinner so I can wear a nice little dress when I go out and have a flirt but at the minute I can’t,' she said.

'All I can think about is what can I wear to cover myself up. It's like if I say I out loud I might stop having a problem and feeling so crap about myself.'

Single but not happy: Lauren, who split with Mark Wright last year, says she would love to go out and flirt but doesn't feel that she looks good



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