Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh the shame! The reality star formerly known as 'Large Arg' hides his face as he indulges in late-night McDonalds

By Andrea Magrath

He has proudly worked off plenty of pounds with a strict diet and exercise regime as he trained for last week's marathon.

But James Argent appeared to have dropped the ball last night, as he picked up a late-night takeaway from McDonalds after a night out.

The reality star, 24, was embarrassed when the cameras caught him indulging in the high-calorie meal with a female friend.

Quick stop off: James 'Arg' Argent was pictured leaving a bar in Essex last night with a female friend

Arg, wearing a burgundy blazer and black trousers, hid his face from photographers as the pair ordered two meal deals and some chicken selects from the drive-thru.

The TOWIE star has managed to lose a staggering amount of weight in a short period of time.

Shortly after completing the marathon over the weekend, he tweeted: '6 weeks ago i was 18 stone and couldnt run down my road. Just completed London Marathon #LookAtMeNow' (sic)

Caught! Arg was embarrassed to be seen picking up a late-night takeaway from McDonalds

Plenty for two people! The pair picked up a lot of food

But Arg couldn't even wait until after the run to indulge in his love of food. Fans of the reality show last night saw him tucking into a fry-up for breakfast on the morning of the marathon, rather than a healthy, nutritious meal.

His castmates toasted his and co-stars Cara Kilbey and Billi Mucklow's success with a party.

And with the race over and done with, and thousands raised for charity, the singer is free to do, and eat, what he likes again.

The shame! Arg, who has been on a diet and exercise regime to lose weight, appears to have given up following his marathon run

Arg hit back at his critics on Twitter this week, writing: 'Received so much stick n lots believed i wouldnt do it but proved those Haters/Doubters wrong! Hope Grandad Seamus is proud!'

Arg began his training just six weeks before the gruelling event, so his successful completion of the marathon surprised many.

But the TV favourite was determined to prove everybody wrong, and bid farewell to 'large Arg'.

Slim down: Arg has shed the pounds training for the marathon



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