Friday, May 4, 2012

Maria Fowler publicly denies homophobic slur rumours after Twitter war of words with X Factor's Marcus Collins following party row

By J J Anisiobi and Kimberley Dadds

Maria Fowler this afternoon strenuously denied rumours that she used a homophobic slur against former X Factor star Marcus Collins following a war of words on Twitter.

The former TOWIE star told MailOnline that there was no truth to claims that she had called Marcus a 'queer ****', and insisted that she is also not a racist.

Maria's vehement denial of the suggestions came after the pair's very public argument as they both attended the launch of Desperate Scousewives' Amanda Harrington, and Gill and Debbie O'Toole's online store in Liverpool last night.

War of words: Maria Fowler and Marcus Collins entered a Twitter war after posing for this picture together, last night, in Liverpool

According to the pair's Twitter accusations, the trouble began when Maria approached Marcus to have a photo with him. Maria then told her 343,223 followers on her Twitter page that the X Factor star had spat on her.

Maria tweeted the claim after Marcus alleged on his Twitter that the reality star had called him a 'f****** queer c***", with the singer later adding, 'not standing for homophobic abuse by anyone it's unnessasry and I never spat in anyone's hair.'

He added: 'Some people should be ashamed of themselves #homophobia will NOT BE TOLERATED @MariaFowler #Ignorant.'

Aquamarine: Maria looked stunning in her Forever Unique dress, which she paired with nude heels but now it has emerged she started the clash after making a homophobic slur

A spokesperson for Maria has since insisted to MailOnline that Maria is 'not homophobic in the slightest'.

The spokesperson added: 'Maria was at the event in Liverpool with four gay friends.
It is highly unlikely that someone stood with four gay men is going to call someone "queer". Queer is not even a word Maria uses.'

Maria also took to her Twitter page this afternoon to further deny the claims, writing: 'Disgusting being branded homophobic absolutely vile thing to say.'

The beginning: Maria began to tweet about her meeting with Marcus and he in turn replied with some nasty messages

Maria's spokesperson also denied Marcus' claims that she had been racist, adding: 'Maria was seen kissing a mixed-race footballer in Marbella last week, clearly proving that Marcus's claims are untrue and inaccurate.'

It all began when Maria called Marcus 'big time' after the pair posed up for a photo together, writing on her Twitter page: 'Drink down my dress. Marcus Collins who said he felt like he was workin when I asked for a pic #Bigtime'.

She then wrote: 'Ooh Marcus asked why I called him bigtime (because he is) I said coz u were rude so he called me fake n spat in my hair #ouch #big time.'

Bad words: The former X Factor star made some strong allegations about things Maria had reportedly said to him and a witness has now backed him up

After Maria had posted the problematic picture, Marcus retweeted it and made a sly dig at Miss Fowler's appearance.

He said: 'Does anyone know who this girl is? Whoever she is she is very Very rude and needs to calm down #whythelongface'.

The pair then continued to hit out at each other via the internet while standing in the same room for the entire virtual altercation.

Calling it a night: Maria allegedly also left the bar without paying her tab - which came to £160.70

Heading home: Maria left on the arms of two of her gay friends after the eventful evening out

Maria refused to stand down and continued to tweet from the event, which she had attended with four male friends she claimed were gay.

She said: 'Throwing the gay line for record am with 4 gay guys here certainly not homophobic. No excuse #everyonesaw rude n ur 'people ' jut apologised.'

She signed off: 'Off to enjoy my night. Heard he been thrown out good. No one is bigger than anyone else. Regardless of talent etc. #BeGrounded x'.

The Seven Nation Army singer replied: '@MariaFowler I left because your vileness nocked me sick #attheopeningofanenvelope and your a homophobic liar.'

Bleary-eyed surprise: Maria looked slightly worse for wear as she left the event

Careful! Maria angled herself as modestly as possible as she got into the waiting cab

What's so funny? Despite a difficult night, Maria looked in good spirits as she called it a night

A clearly annoyed Fowler then threatened to take legal action against Collins and she wrote: 'call me racist I will sue you for defamation'.

Maria may be a fading star in the reality TV world, but her predictions of the future appear to be accurate.

Desperate Scousers: From left, Amanda Harrington, Gill and Debbie O'Toole launched their online clothing store in Liverpool, last night

She told Marcus: '@MarcuscollinsUK looool ok I'm ignorant. Go to sleep. I think your a bit drunk. In the morning u will wake. Cringe And delete ur tweets.'

Within two hours of the argument starting Mr Collins had indeed deleted a number of his earlier posts.

Getting heated: The argument continued long into the night, with Marcus accusing Maria of defamation of character

While many followers jumped to Maria's defence, she continued to embarrass the singer in response to some of his now deleted tweets.

She said: '@MarcuscollinsUK babe if I wanted a headline I wouldn't use an xfactor reject. Think I get more headlines than u anyway #oops #sorry #block.'

She added: 'Please don't say I'm Using u for headlines If ur not on the paper on a weekly/daily basis, #YourNotDrake #EvenZListMeGetsMorePressThanYou.'

Speaking outside the club following the evening, Maria said: 'He was having a go and asked me why I was abusing him. And I said you're gay but I don't abuse you for that, that's who you are.

'And then he spat in my hair. I get on better with gay boys than I do with girls and I'm not racist.'

Party girl: Maria Fowler headed to get her hair and make-up done in Wilmslow, Cheshire, ahead of the launch

Preparations: Earlier in the day Amanda and Gill were seen arriving to get ready for the occasion



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