Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Super svelte Cheryl Cole shows off her dancer's body in skimpy leotard as she debuts Call My Name video

By Emily Sheridan

After weeks of teasing and hype, Cheryl Cole has finally released the video for her new single Call My Name.

And the promo will certainly pleased the singer's male fans given the amount of flesh on show.

The Girls Aloud star wears three different racy ensembles, showing off her super svelte dancer's body in the energetic video.

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Giving fans a treat: Cheryl Cole shows off her figure in a monochrome leotard in the video for her new single Call My Name

Why bother with a jacket? The new video comes 16 months after her last single release

Fans have already seen Cheryl in two loud ensembles in previous photos leaked from the shoot.

For her main dance sequences in the video, the 28-year-old wears a neon yellow bra top and multi-coloured harem pants.

While for her posing scenes in a tunnel, the star keeps her top half covered up in an eclectic blazer, but flashes plenty of leg - and a bit of butt - in a pair of leopard-print hotpants.

Where you off to? In one of the last sequences, Cheryl is seen climbing into a BMW

Single and ready to mingle: The new video looks to be Cheryl's sexiest yet

But the new video shows Cheryl in a third bizarre outfit - a black and white leotard, which she teamed with a pair of purple, black and white leggings.

The promo opens with about 60 seconds of just a quiet beat with just Cheryl preening and posing before it finally kicks in.

As she writhes around in a tunnel, she gives fan a glimpse of the new tattoo on the back of her left thigh - although its unclear quite what design she's had done.

Iconic location: Cheryl walks through Los Angeles' predominantly dry river bed

Toned: Off comes the jacket as Cheryl approaches the men

Let's dance! Cheryl starts to throw some shapes with the dancers under the bridge

Film fans will recognise the dry river bed in Los Angeles, which has featured in Grease and Terminator 2, among other movies.

She is seen walking towards a group of men who are hanging around with their cars in the dry river bed, with the words 'The only way to a woman's heart is along the path of torment' a quote by The Marquis of Sade going across the screen.

Showing her confidence, she rips one of their hats off and throws it away and does the same to another's lit cigarette.

Looking skinny: Cheryl appears to be much smaller than normal as she moves her arms to the music

Sultry: Cheryl touches her breasts for one steamy sequence in the video

It is then she kicks off her dance routine with the men, involving a lot of rave-style arm movements and thrusting.

And in what appears to be a bit of product placement, she climbs into a BMV convertible and drives through the busy streets of LA.

The video was filmed in LA about a month ago and is directed by Anthony Mandler.

Bump and grind: Cheryl is put through her paces in the energetic routine

Going for it: Cheryl moves her arms around in pumping motion during the routine

Taking control: The Girls ALoud star removes a cigarette from one of the men's mouths and throws it away

The single is the first release from her third album A Million Lights, which is available to download on June 18.

The album features collaborations with Alex Da Kid, Lana Del Rey, Jim Beanz and newcomers Pantha and HyGrade and her manger

The single will be Cheryl's first release since The Flood in January 2011, which charted at No.18 in the UK charts.

Big hair: The singer's usually perfectly coiffed hair is in a messy, choppy style

Show us what you've got: The 5ft 3 star gives the illusion of being much taller as she leans against the wall

Gritty: Cheryl gets friendly with the wall in deserted tunnel

Cheryl only released two singles from her second album Messy Little Raindrops - Promise This and The Flood - with the former being her second No.1 single.

During her two solo albums - which have both hit No.1 in the UK charts, Cheryl has only released a total of five solo singles.

Seeing triple: Cheryl checks herself out in the mirror

Bit of product placement? Cheryl is seen driving a BMW convertible through the streets of LA



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