Wednesday, May 2, 2012

That's a VERY public display of affection! Victoria Beckham giggles in embarrassment as she and David pucker up for the KissCam

By Georgina Littlejohn and Leah Simpson

It's one thing to sneak a cheeky kiss to your other half when no one is looking.
But it's quite another to have almost 20,000 people cheering you on when you do - just ask Victoria Beckham.

The fashion designer was left giggling in embarrassment last night as she and husband David were caught on the LA Lakers KissCam as they watched the game from the front row.

Scroll down to watch the Beckhams' KissCam kiss...

Come on you two, give us a kiss! Victoria Beckham looked mortified as she and husband David were caught on the KissCam during last night's LA Laker game

And despite her mortification as she and David flashed on the screen, she had no problem puckering up to her handsome footballer beau as the Staples Center crowd -including David's sister and mother - laughed and applauded them.

And they actually looked absolutely delighted to have been singled out by the KissCam, which focuses on couples during an event at the venue.

Smooch: David and Victoria had no problem puckering up for the crowd...

... and seemed to have enjoyed it when they eventually pulled apart

The couple were probably targeted because they had been very affectionate with each other through the game between the Lakers and the Denver Nuggets

Victoria in particular who appeared quite distracted as she joined her man for their courtside date.

Gotcha! As the camera moved in, Victoria and David's sister Joanne put their hands to their mouth and giggled while David just grinned

Come here then! Egged on by Joanne, David and Victoria shared a kiss

The 38-year-old could be seen whispering to her sports star husband, rather than watching the action on court.

At one point, Victoria wrapped her right arm around the shoulder of her beau, 37, in order to quietly talk to him as the couple enjoyed a date night at the Los Angeles Staples Center.

Well, we've never done that before! Victoria looked coyly at her husband as Joanne and her mother-in-law looked on

Whatever the vital information was that she needed to tell David during the intense game, he initially leant a casual ear before finding something amusing and bursting into laughter.

The couple – who are parents to Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, nine, Cruz, six, and Harper nine months – left their children at home as they enjoyed some grown up time alone.

The two, who got married in 1999, made time for romance as they behaved affectionately with each other throughout event.

Sweet nothings? Soccer star David Beckham sat courtside with his wife Victoria during the Los Angeles Lakers against Denver Nuggets game today

Showing off his double sleeve of tattoos in a black fitted T-shirt, David kept one hand on her crossed legs as they followed the action.

Meanwhile Victoria, who kept her hair pulled up in a long ponytail, flashed her huge wedding ring and a glimmering gold watch as she went casual for once in jeans and a black jacket with elasticated arms.

Keeping it quiet: The two stared passionately into one another's eyes as she whispered something to him

You'll want to hear this! At first the tattooed star didn't seem impressed by the distraction at the NBA Western Conference quarter-final basketball playoff

Date night: But the two seemed to appreciate time away from their four children

Always looking groomed, she showed off manicured nails, glossed lips and smoky eye make-up for the romantic date.

There’s no doubt she’ll be passing on her tips for looking good to her daughter.

Harper was recently offered a modelling contract by, the UK’s leading manufacturer of personalised baby gifts.

Keeping up appearances: Victoria appeared manicured and glossed despite dressing casually

In a letter to the tot, the company acknowledges that the girl is too young to agree to the contract due to child labour laws.

It reads: ‘That is why your Mummy and Daddy have been copied on this letter. We are happy to speak with them about your fee; however, we are prepared to pay you a significant amount to be the face of our new range.

Forgetful: She recently admitted to leaving son Brooklyn behind on the school run

‘Both your parents are fashion icons, and we can see no reason why you shouldn’t start your own career in the fashion industry even at your young age.’

However a representative for the family told E! Online they ‘would never consider doing this.’

Little fashionista: Their daughter Harper recently was offered a modelling contract but a representative believes the family will decline on her behalf



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