Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Holly Valance shows off her fuller figure in a black dress at Royal Ascot

By Daily Mail Reporter

Shapely: Holly Valance shows off her curves in a fitted black dress and silver heels as she arrives at the opening day of Royal Ascot

Back in her pop star days, Holly Valance was regularly flashing her tiny waist in minuscule outfits.

But the ex-Neighbours actress is cutting a fuller figure these days.

The 28-year-old showed off her curvier shape in a tight black shift dress as she joined her billionaire boyfriend Nick Candy at Royal Ascot yesterday.

With her hair swept back into a tight chignon under her petite hat, it was clear the Kiss Kiss singer was looking fuller in the face.

Valance has been living a jet set lifestyle since she started dating property developer Candy just under two years ago.

When she's not away filming, Valance lives with Candy, 38, at his London and Monaco homes.

Enjoying the high-life: Valance shares a laugh with her billionaire boyfriend Nick Candy

When she headed off to the Berkshire ground on Tuesday morning, she was obviously feeling optimistic.

She said: 'Gonna back a winner today!! I can feel it in my Jimmy Choo's!!'

Although Miss Valance bet on a winner, the odds meant she didn't win much.
She tweeted: 'Backed winners but the odds were so c**pola I just drew even. Stick to the dogs!! Aahahahaha.'

Down-to-earth: Valance sipped a beer as she cheered on the horses with Candy and friend Danielle Lineker

High spirits: Valance looked pleased after her win

Joining her boyfriend and celebrity friends Danielle and Gary Lineker, Valance was thoroughly embracing the spirit of Ascot as she cheered on the horses.

And despite her new billionaire lifestyle, the Australian showed how down-to-earth she was as she sipped a pint of beer in the Royal Enclosure.

Although Valance has been tweeting about her gym visits and following James Duigan's 'clean and lean' diet recently, she has always insisted she could never be 'part of that whole skinny thing'.

Loved up: Valance and Candy are soon to celebrate their second anniversary together after meeting at a dinner party in 2009

In an interview in 2007, she admitted she felt under pressure to lose weight while living in Hollywood.

She said: 'I thought to myself, "God, I'm disgusting".

But then I got back to LA and saw the footage and thought I looked great – really fit and healthy.

'I could never be part of that whole skinny thing and I don't know how people drop weight so quickly either.

Changing shape: Valance at a London film premiere in March 2010 (left) and flashing her stomach on stage in 2002 (right)

'In any case, boys just don't like it. I've never met one yet who went, "Wow! Skin and bones….Yum!" They all want something to grab hold of.'

Speaking about her change in lifestyle since she starting dating Candy, she said: 'The wealth and the lifestyle were overwhelming initially... I am a spoilt brat. My friends and my sister say: "I hate you!" when I show them what he’s bought me

‘I’ve got such a disgusting, wide, smug grin on my face all the time that my friends just want to slap me. I’ve never been so happy.'

Friends in high places: Valance listens intently to Mrs Lineker



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