Monday, December 5, 2011

Adrian Chiles' curt farewell as he and Miss Bleakley exit Daybreak with little fanfare

By Sarah Bull

Exit: Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley clutch bouquets following their final show on Daybreak

They were left humiliated earlier this month when it was announced they would be leaving failing ITV show Daybreak a month early.

And it seems there was no love lost between Christine Bleakley, Adrian Chiles and the morning programme as the duo left the series this morning with virtually no fanfare.

With just a minute to go before the end of the show, the pair bid farewell to their viewers with a short goodbye message.

From the beginning, to the end: The pair on their first Daybreak show last year, and on their farewell show today

Chiles said: 'As you may or may not know, this is our last show. As a leaving present, I'm taking my funny animal clips clipboard with me!

'We'd just like to say thanks a million to the rest of the on-air team. Dan, Kate, Dr Hilary, Sue, Cordelia, Gav, Richard, showbiz Steve, Phil, Lucy, Tasmin, all of you.'

Bleakley added: 'And especially to all of our production staff who work far harder than any of us here as well. That is just about it from us, good luck and have a great Christmas. Bye bye.'

Referring to Bleakley being signed up as the new presenter of Dancing On Ice, Chiles then added: 'I'm off to concentrate on the football and Christine's been put on ice in the New Year, in the best possible way.'

Was that it? With just a minute to go before the end of the show, Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles bid farewell to Daybreak viewers on their final programme

Still smiling: Chiles joked that he would take his 'funny animal clips' clipboard with him as Bleakley laughed

The pair's exit from the show was confirmed in November after the show had struggled to improve on the audience for its predecessor GMTV. It was widely thought that the audience failed to warm to the two hosts, who launched the show last year.

But 32-year-old Bleakley, who is engaged to Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard, said she had discovered the silver lining of being dismissed from the show, saying she is relishing the prospect of enjoying her evenings again, instead of going to bed early.

She said: 'I won't miss the 3am starts, I'm going to be honest with you. Or going to bed early either - probably that even more than getting up!

'It will be nice to let my hair down a bit more and enjoy life more now that time schedules will be different and I don't have to get up at 3am midweek. So I might start going out more midweek and enjoy my evenings again.'

Another silver lining of her departure is that Bleakley will receive a generous payout of £283,000 to help soften the blow

ITV have said that both presenters will focus on other 'peak-time commitments' on the channel.

Chiles's priority will be his role as anchor for live football coverage, FA Cup action, England internationals and the Uefa Champions League. His series That Sunday Night Show will also return for a third run next year.

Their departure will be seen as a huge embarrassment for all concerned after the pair left BBC1's One Show in the summer of last year in what was seen at the time to be a huge coup for ITV.

The pair had won plaudits for their on-screen chemistry on The One Show and it was hoped they would recreate the magic in their new roles.

The new presenters of Daybreak have yet to be announced, however Natasha Kaplinsky and Eamonn Holmes have emerged as frontrunners to take up the vacant roles.

Friends forever: Bleakley and Chiles, who appeared to be unaware he had his flies unddone, will no doubt remain friends following the Daybreak debacle

Bittersweet: After the show, Bleakley and Chiles headed to the pub for a drink with Daybreak's Kate Garraway and Dan Lobb



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