Sunday, December 11, 2011

Daddy's Little Elf! David Beckham cradles adorable daughter Harper as Victoria watches their boys play football... in six inch heels

By Dianne King

Adorable: David Beckham looked a proud father as he held five-month-old daughter Harper in Santa Monica, California today

David Beckham looked like the proudest father in the world as he toted his baby daughter to a football match today.

The British athlete attended the game in Santa Monica, California where son Romeo, nine, showed off his skills on the pitch.

But it was five-month-old Harper who stole the show in her gorgeous little elf-style hooded top.

Style over comfort: While David wore comfortable trainers Victoria teetered around in six-inch Christian Louboutin boots

The always impeccably behaved little one looked snug in her black jumper and wore beige trousers like her father's and her outfit was completed with light brown booties.

Harper looked as though she was already getting in the Christmas spirit with the Santa's helper inspired outfit although the choice of colour was not that festive.

David was the doting dad and preferred to carry Harper rather than push her along in her stroller that he also maneuvered near the field.

Daddy's little girl: The football star enjoyed a cuddle with the five-month-old rather than pushing her in the stroller

Still in love: The parents-of-four looked on as their boys played

But true to form, Victoria was also along for the family day out wearing ridiculously high heels.

The 37-year-old fashion designer grabbed Harper for a cuddle and took her for a walk while teetering around in six-inch Christian Louboutin boots.

Never cracking a smile, the mother-of-four watched from the sidelines carrying a large orange back and dressed head to toe in black.

Eldest son Brooklyn didn't play but doted on his baby sister and played with Harper while she remained in her father's arms.

Who's a chubby baby: Big brother Brooklyn played with his baby sister and made faces at her to get her to smile

Go on son: The family watched on as Romeo ran around the field

The 12-year-old tried to get a smile from the precious bundle of joy by pulling faces at her.

Victoria rested her hand on six-year-old Cruz's shoulder as she peered out at Romeo on action as they had their usual activity-filled Saturdays out.

The former Spice Girl recently told Hello magazine that she never leaves home without her youngest child but explained why all of her children don't globe-trot with her.

'She comes everywhere with me,' Victoria gushed about little Harper Seven.

Shading herself: The fashion designer wore head to toe black but carried a large orange handbag as she tried to protect herself from the sun

'All the kids would come everywhere with me, but they have to be at school,' she told Hello!

Victoria added that her four children and her football ace husband David are the inspiration for her work.

'David is my rock. He encourages me and gives me confidence to do what I do and my kids inspire me every day. And my mum and dad were here, which was fantastic. I love them all so, so much. My family means everything to me.'

Victoria also told OK! magazine that she had no friends when she was growing up but it taught her to be resilient.

That's my boy: David seemed impressed with Romeo's ball skills

'I was a skinny sallow-faced eight-year-old with pigtails and a gap in my teeth big enough for a pea to get stuck in. It was miserable. I didn't fit in.

'Children were picking things up out of puddles and throwing them at me. I just stood there, on my own.

'People would push me around, say they were going to beat me up.

'What did I care? I didn't need friends. One day I'd show them. One day I'd be famous and then they'd be sorry.'

You're the cutest: David couldn't keep his eyes off of his longed for daughter



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