Monday, December 5, 2011

Keeping her dream alive: Will it be a fairytale ending for Amelia Lily after she makes final despite Kelly's dismissal in first round?

By Nadia Mendoza and Marcus Barnes

She made it through to the X Factor final tonight ahead of group mate Misha B.

But Amelia Lily's journey to the this point has not been without it's dramas.

It seemed the 17-year-old's chances were all but over in the very first week of the show, when she was controversially voted off along with Jonjo Kerr, 2 Shoes and James Michael.

On course for the X Factor title: Amelia Lily has seen more ups and downs than any other contestant and has now secured a place in the finals

But, thanks to the exit of a certain Frankie Cocozza, the 16-year-old has had a second chance at taking the coveted title of X Factor champion.

And, after tonight's show she will be hoping that her treacherous path to the final will end with her dreams of success coming true.

Amelia was voted off in the first week of the X Factor despite many touting her as a potential victor.

Show of solidarity: The 17-year-old and her group mate Misha B hold hands before the latter was voted off the show

Emotion: Amelia was shocked to find she'd made it to the final of the show

But, after Frankie Cocozza was booted off the show for allegedly boasting of taking drugs, the scene was set for her return.

The pink-haired singer came back along with three other acts who were voted off earlier in the series and managed to claim her place back on the show.

However, even so she has found herself in the sing-off twice and struggled to live up to her potential

Talented enough to make the final? Amelia could be victorious over Marcus Collins and Little Mix

In fact, two weeks ago Gary Barlow revealed that he thought she deserved to be voted off.

He said: 'I've got to be honest, I didn't have enough time with my four acts to really know who had the potential and who didn't. We were literally judging it on the performance that first week and when I look back on that night, actually Amelia was the weakest performer.'

But last night she impressed all four judges during the semi-final with her performance of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, followed by a rendition of Avril Lavigne's I Need You.

And, on tonight's Xtra Factor, Louis Walsh tipped Amelia to go all the way.

He said: 'I think there’s something about Amelia and she’s a ready made pop star.

She can turn her hand to anything. I think Little Mix have the potential to be great but Gary picked the wrong song choice for Marcus last night.'

Semi-finalists: Amelia with the rest of this weekend's X Factor finalists before Misha B was voted off

As well as her dramas on the show, Amelia has also had personal battles to overcome.

Most recently she revealed she is chasing stardom so she can offer her father financial help after his business went bust.

Last month, Barry Oliver was forced to put his plumbing firm into voluntary ­liquidation - but has continued to support his daughter at the live shows.

Daddy's girl: Amelia Lily's father Barry Oliver has supported his daughter from her very first audition

Amelia told the Sunday Mirror: 'It was tough to see my dad working ­extremely hard to try to keep the business going for the rest of the family.

'I would love to win this for my dad and my ­family, to show their support had paid off. It would be amazing.

'Me getting on to The X Factor has ­really helped him. It really lifted all our spirits. I’m a real daddy’s girl and I can always count on him.'

Semi-finalist: Amelia battled Marcus Collins, Misha B and Little Mix last night

After Barry’s firm JG Oliver & Son was ­dissolved last month, he intends to start up a new company under the name Oliver’s.

As if this wasn't enough, to add to Amelia's struggle she has also had to contend with controlling her diabetes.

She recently described how she has to adjust her insulin levels before performing to counterbalance the effects of the adrenaline rush when she is on stage.

The show must go on: Amelia 'nailed' her Motown performance last night

I need four injections a day and I’ve had it for 14 years now,' Amelia told the Daily Star, adding: 'I used to have fits when I was younger.'

'Adrenalin uses a lot of energy, so I need to decrease my insulin before I perform.

It’s hard to get the balance right but I always decrease my insulin just before performing to be safe,' Amelia revealed.

'There’s still a risk that something could happen on stage but I can tell if I’m shaking or need chocolate.'

Amelia also chatted to The People about her diabetes, saying: 'High blood sugars are more dangerous. There can be fits. I used to have fits when I was younger.'

She said that her symptoms are manageable, explaining: 'The thing about diabetes is that you just have to be a healthy person with a healthy diet.'



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