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Last men standing! Mark and Dougie to fight it out for I'm A Celeb crown, but the battle is close as they're neck and neck in the polls

By Kirsty Mccormack and Holly Thomas

Will he win? Mark Wright has made it to the final of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here

Mark Wright and Emily Scott may have set tongues wagging with their jungle flirtations, but it's fair to say Mark's attention has shifted since her departure.

He and McFly bass player Dougie have seen their unlikely friendship go from strength to strength, but it is about to face its greatest test yet.

With Antony and Fatima were voted out, the best buddies have been left to fight it out for the crown in the final, airing tonight.

And all that man love flying about the jungle has certainly had an impact on the viewers, as the pair are currently neck and neck in our very own Daily mail poll.

'Bosom buddies': Dougie will be up against his friend Mark in tomorrow's grand final

Only one of the young stars will be named King of the jungle but no doubt there will be 'no hard feelings' when the winner is announced tomorrow.

The Only Way Is Essex star Mark seemed to agree and revealed he's made some true friends.

'Dougie will be a friend for life but when I first met Antony I didn’t know if I’d get on with him as much as I did,' he said.

'When Emily came into the camp I thought she’s hot, she’s a true fighter, if I get out and we gel then who knows what might happen.'

He then went on to say how much he'd missed his family whilst being in the jungle but was glad that he did it.

'It makes me emotional thinking about it because it has been the most wonderful experience.

'I’m proud and honoured every day that goes by I’ve won, every vote that’s been given me, I’ve won.'

Obvious award: Mark won his prize for having the Best Body

Dougie admitted that he wasn't sure he'd made the right decision by going on the show, but added he couldn't have been more wrong.

'I was super nervous and I thought, "what am I doing?" I have nothing in common with these people," and I didn’t expect to get on with many of the others.

'I’ve met people that I’ll be friends with for a long time. I thought I wouldn’t get on with Mark but it’s awesome hanging out with him.

Smelly winner: Dougie won the award for being the Most Grubbiest camp mate

'The experience has been amazing, wicked, everything about the jungle is amazing. Anyone who gets the chance, should do it, it’s the coolest thing ever.'

Mark's best friend and TOWIE wingman James 'Arg' Argent might be the best person to give Dougie an indication of what he can expect should his friendship with Mark continue outside the jungle.

Arg has been looking forward to a reunion with his best mate - and a return to their favourite boys' nights, a hugely embarrassing secret he keeps from all ladyfriends.

The Essex singer confessed in an interview with the Mirror: 'Mark’s big secret is his lads’ sleepovers – he’ll be so embarrassed now his girlfriends have found out. We’ve always done them and the last was about a month ago.'

Missing his family: Mark began to cry when his letter from his family was read out to him

'We share a bed and watch a movie – last time we saw the Disney film The Mighty Ducks on DVD.'

Despite his natual envy of Dougie spending so much time with Mark, Arg enthusiastically showed his support for Mark, gushig: 'I’m confident he’ll be the King of the Jungle.'

Emotional Mark was rather overwhelmed when he heard a letter from his family yesterday, having admitted on several occasions just how much he missed them.

'We are so proud of you and everyone is missing you and sending their love and kisses,' they wrote.

Getting emotional: The McFly star got quite upset as his letter from his band mate and girlfriend was read out

'You have done everything that we hoped you would; you are a true gentleman and a courageous and fun-loving boy.

'We are all willing you to win but you are already a winner in our eyes. Everyone is voting for you at home and so many are saying that you have surprised them and that they feel they are seeing the real Mark.
'We miss you and love. TEAM MARK! TEAM MARK!'

No boundaries: Mark sniffed Dougie's armpit while Antony looked on in shock

Wiping away his tears, Mark said: 'Every day I’ve been waiting to hear from my family. I speak to my mum and dad about ten times a day so to receive a letter saying how they are feeling about me couldn’t be more emotional and meant the world. I’ll save that letter to the day I die.'

McFly star Dougie was the last one to hear his letter - which had been written in two segments by his band mate, Tom Fletcher, and his girlfriend.

His partner, Lara, wrote: 'Oi oi Captain, Tom says I have to say something cringy now to see if I can make you cry.

Testing times: Dougie was covered with fly pupae for a bushtucker trial on his 24th birthday...

... but best mate Mark was there to greet him when Dougie returned triumphantly to camp

'So, meeting you has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You truly are the most special person I know and I’m hook line and sinker in love with you.

'However, if you dump me for your new man friend Mark I will slap you round the face with a wet fish. You have been warned.

Love your fellow finger clicker. X Lots of love, Tom, Gi and Lara.

Guy time: mark then joined Dougie as he went for a much needed wash in the pool

Dougie seemed really chuffed with his letter and said afterwards: 'That letter beats any present and I will keep that letter for the rest of my life.'

But Antony couldn't let a day go by without a moan about Fatima, and as she began bossing Mark and Dougie about Antony told them that they should stick up for themselves.

'People are trying to take control of the camp as a ploy to get to the final,' Mark said.

'She’s cutting us down all the time and making us feel bad.'

(Fe)male bonging: Back when the girls were in camp. Mark borrowed Jessica-Jane's coconut bra

Dougie agreed, saying: 'Antony and Fatima have different ways of running the camp; it’s like a time bomb waiting to explode.'

Mark and Dougie have been rather more supportive of each other than their bickering former camp mates, as was evident after Dougie endured a bushtucker trial in lieu of a 24th birthday party.

Mark suggested Dougie do the rial to mark his special day- though his pal wasn't so sure about doing it at first.

Dougie rallied however, declaring: 'I have to do relatively well as everyone is bumming out today.'

Not to be outdone: Dougie got in on the cross-dressing action, modelling her leopard-print bra

After a gruesome ordeal which saw Dougie consume fly pupae, Dougie returned to camp triumphant, where Mark greeted him with open arms.

Mark and Dougie have been of one mind from the beginning- even when it comes to slightly less serious matters.

Back when the girls were still in camp, it appeared Mark was becoming jealous of all the attention Emily Scott and Jessica-Jane Clement's buxom bodies were getting.

Dougie teamed up with his friend to try ad win back some of the limelight, giving Jessica-Jane's leopard print bra a test run while Mark donned her coconut bra.



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