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Misha B misses out on a place in the X Factor final after being voted off as Tulisa fights back tears of guilt

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Bad rap? Misha B lost out on a place in the X Factor finals despite great performances on yesterday's show

Misha B missed out on a place in the X Factor final tonight after losing the public vote against fellow group member Amelia Lily.

The 19-year-old appeared composed after losing out in the semi-final, despite receiving positive feedback during yesterday's show.

The Mancunian was embraced by Amelia and mentor Kelly Rowland, who couldn't hide her disappointment at losing her contestant.

Tears of guilt? Tulisa wept throughout Misha's final song, perhaps owing to her part in the bullying accusations

As the news was broken by host Dermot O'Leary, Amelia, 17, grabbed Misha and told her: 'I love you, I love you.'

But Misha remained composed throughout and took to the stage to sing Jessie J's Who You Are to see out her final appearance on the show.

She introduced the song with what appeared to be one of her own raps, before launching into an emotional rendition of the track.

All together now: Kelly Rowland appeared overcome with emotion when it was whittled down to her two acts

Perhaps feeling guilty at her part in the Misha bullying scandal, Tulisa was seen weeping as she worked her way through the song.

Asked if she had anything to say, Misha simply said: 'Just wanna say thank you to every at X Factor for making dreams reality, stylists and everyone behind the scenes and Kelly Rowland the best mentor in the world.'

Dermot then introduced her final song, calling her one of the X Factor's most creative contestants ever.

Later, on the Xtra Factor, Kelly enthused about Misha, saying: 'Misha can do whatever she wants to do because that is the kind of artist she is, she’s just so incredibly talented and I’m so proud of her.

'I think that Misha has shown so much of herself on this show and it’s only a matter of time if people haven’t been on her foot-tails already I’m going be there ever step of the ay, I’m her biggest supporter and will always be there for her, and if I can do anything to help her then I will.'

So glad to have a second chance: Amelia Lily can't believe her luck as she makes it through to the X Factor

And she expressed her excitement at still having one contestant in the final with Amelia Lily vying for the title.

She said: 'I’m so excited for Amelia, she’s so incredibly talented. Amelia’s on the right path right now, I think it’s important for her to not be in her head so much and it’s important that she doesn’t think about too many things, because she beats.

When she isn’t thinking she gets the best of herself so we definitely want to work on that.'

As Dermot announced the acts who were staying in the contest, each reacted with just as much emotion as one might expect.

Oh well! Misha B seemed to have almost accepted her fate

Little Mix in particular couldn't believe their luck at staying in.

All four girls screamed, along with their mentor Tulisa, and hugged each other as tears streamed down their faces.

Yesterday, head judge Gary Barlow shocked the audience when he told the young singer she had no chance of being an X Factor champion.

Singing her heart: Dermot O'Leart lauded Misha as one of the show's most talented ever performers

He said: 'Misha I mentioned the positive side of you being here earlier but there is a negative side as well and that’s I’ve sat here and witnessed your journey and it makes me sad.'

As the audience began to boo him he continued: 'You have been wrongfully accused of being someone that you’re not.

'Even if you are lucky enough to get through tomorrow night, I don’t think you can win because of that and that’s a shame.'

'I love you': Amelia Lily let her feelings known to her group mate as she commiserated her

But it seems his prophecy was correct, and Misha lost out in the public vote leaving the three remaining acts - Little Mix (the first ever girl group to reach the final), Marcus Collins and Amelia Lily - to battle it out.

On Saturday's show Misha B kicked off proceedings singing Dancing in the Street by Martha and the Vandellas.

The colourful performance received great feedback from the judges with Louis Walsh saying: 'You're original you're unique. I want you in the final because you deserve to be.'

Little Mix, big moment: Tulisa and the girl group were overcome with emotion when it was announced that they would remain in the contest

Gary Barlow was equally full of praise and said that Misha B was the reason he took the X Factor judging role.

He said: 'Thank you for making this experience a positive one for me.'

For her second song Misha sang F**kin Perfect by Pink and rapped one verse midway through, which led Louis Walsh to tell her: 'You are a major major talent.'

So happy! Little Mix scream as they're announced as finalists on the X Factor

But it seems that, ultimately, Gary Barlow's comments were correct.

Earlier in the series Misha was accused of backstage bullying, which seemed to tarnish her for the remainder of her time on the X Factor.

Tulisa went into depth about the teenager's alleged backstage behaviour after her performance late last month.

Introduction: All four semi-finalists got together to open tonight's show

She said: 'There is no doubt about it, when it comes to talent you are way up there. Most people they come into the competition and they to be built up and progress but you came as a whole package and you are definitely the star of the show.

'But I do have one negative this week. I think you are very competitive and I’ve seen a different side of you backstage and you don’t realise that you do it, but in some ways you being so feisty can come across as quite mean to certain contestants and I’ve been told by a few this week there’s been a few mean comments towards them.

'I’m not putting you down but take that feistiness and energy when you get on the stage and leave them all behind. Put aside the attitude.'

Christmas treat: Justin Bieber flirts with Tulisa after having done the same with Kelly

Louis Walsh added: 'One of my contestants has complained about Misha bullying her backstage.'

This appeared to stay with her throughout the contest and seemed to contribute to her exit.

After the drama of Misha's exit, Amelia was asked how she felt about making it to the final, to which she said: 'I cannot believe it I'm so happy, thankyou so much to everyone who voted.'

Par for the course: Dermot commented that Justin Bieber was renowned for his flirting

Meanwhile, Liverpudlian hairdresser Marcus Collins said: 'I'm gobsmacked, I'm gonna keep working hard I promise.'

So next week the three remaining acts will battle it out for The X Factor title in front of 10,000 people at Wembley Arena, the biggest final the show has ever had.

The show kicked off with all four acts performing the ballad Hold On by Wilson Phillips and two superstar performances were included in the evening's package.

In amazing shape: Kelly Rowland looked fantastic during her performance of two different songs

Justin Bieber sang his Christmas single Under The Mistletoe, which is taken from his Christmas album of the same title.

The 17-year-old did his usual routine of flirting with the female judges, Kelly Rowland and Tulisa.

After Justin performed it was time for Kelly to set the stage alight with an exhilarating performance, although some of the routine appeared to be mimed rather unconvincingly.

Great moves, shame about the singing: The former Destiny's Child singer appeared to lip sync badly throughout her appearance on stage

She kicked off her routine wearing a dress with a train attached and powered through When Love Takes Over produced by David Guetta.

Halfway through her dancers removed part of her dress leaving her in a sparkling top and short shorts revealing her ultra-toned body, at which point she broke into Down For Whatever.

After the performance Dermot handed over to the judging panel for some feedback to which Louis excitedly enthused: 'You put it down girl! You remind me of a young Tina Turner. I'm buying the album tomorrow!'



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