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See, we are happy! Russell Brand and Katy Perry can't keep their eyes off each other (as they continue to defy divorce rumours)

By Daily Mail Reporter

The look of love: Russell Brand and Katy Perry couldn't keep their eyes off each other as they stepped out on the red-carpet for a charity event at the LACMA in Los Angeles this evening

Earlier this week Russell Brand insisted that he was 'happily married' to his wife Katy Perry after the couple were consistently being plagued with divorce rumours.

And the pair were intent on showing just how in love they really are as they stepped out on the red-carpet this evening.

The 36-year-old comedian and his 27-year-old pop star wife couldn't keep their eyes off each other as they attended the 3rd Annual Change Begins Within Benefit presented by The David Lynch Foundation at the LACMA in Los Angeles.

Gazing at one another, the two appeared smitten.

Cheek-to-cheek, the couple, who have been married for just one year, beamed as they posed happily for pictures.
Katy also took the opportunity to show off her more golden hairdo.

Her pink hair colour appears to have faded and she was flaunting a more brighter blonde shade.

Striking pair: Katy and Russell cuddled up close as they posed for pictures

The Teenage Dream star was glowing as she slipped her stunning curves into cream leather shift dress adorned with gold studs.

She paired the look with some gold stilettos and wore a matching gilded shadow on her lids.

Russell wore his usual attire, showing off his chest with an open-neck white shirt, a pair of black trouser and a vest.

Locking eyes: Russell looked smitten with his wife of one year

Glances: Katy and Russell just couldn't stop staring at each other

He also wore what appeared to be an Indian-style sash around his waist, perhaps a nod to the couple's favourite destination, India, where they got married in October of last year.

The couple have been a constant target of divorce rumours, after speculation that their marriage was struggling, largely because they were spending large amounts of time apart on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

But this week the British comedian denied there was trouble in paradise on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Cute: Cheek-to-cheek, the couple looked the epitome of marital bliss

No problems here: The couple's loved-up demeanor was in the face of rumours they were splitting after one year of marriage

Russell appeared on the programme, saying he was 'happily married' and 'until death do we part'.

After Russell gave Ellen a bunch of flowers in recognition of seven years since she met her wife Portia de Rossi, the pair got talking about Russell's own marriage.

Asked whether a break-up was on the cards Russell joked: 'What? She should’ve of told me. Yeah, there are always rumors aren’t there.

Special guests: The pair were special guests of famed director David Lynch, who was hosting the 3rd Annual Change Begins Within Benefit

'In the end you have to just not engage with Internet technology, which is difficult because a lot of the nude women websites I quite enjoy! But they’ve had to go.'

He stressed: 'I’ve treated the whole Internet now like it’s a wicked little liar. I am really happily married.'

Russell appears to take the gossip with a pinch of salt, adding: 'Just keep me informed. Being famous is like a little bit of you is taken away and goes off and lives on it’s own and does what it wants.

Golden girl: Katy took the opportunity to show off her more golden bob

'I wish it would do more interesting things. I’m married to Katy. Perpetually, until death do us part was the pledge.'

Russell continued on the positive theme, even suggesting that babies might soon become a possibility.

'I would like one. I love those little babies in the beginning. Me and Katy are godparents to two twin boys. They’re called Sam and Donovan.

No problems: Earlier this week Russell insisted to Ellen DeGeneres that he was 'happily married' to his wife Katy Perry after the couple were consistently being plagued with divorce rumours

Rubbishing rumours: Katy refuted speculations of a divorce on her Twitter page

'They are just a year old. At first they were boring. They were just essentially little fluid factories. Generating fluids. No regard for what I was wearing.'

'Now, they're interesting. They smile and look at me and wonder. I’m observing them like a scientist, so I can learn from them. Me and Katy are their godparents, which means we're responsible.'

Also this week, the offbeat pair showed their love in a characteristically original way, getting new tattoos in a fun joint inking session during the Los Angeles stop of Katy's tour.

They treated themselves after Katy performed to a sell-out crowd at LA's Staples Center last week.

The pair had a got creative backstage, proudly showing off their body art, inked by legendary tattoo artist 'Bang Bang'.

Whatever it takes? Amidst rumours of a marriage in trouble, Katy Perry and Russell Brand treated themselves to tattoos backstage after the singer's Staples Center concert

Russell got a badge of his favourite football club, West Ham United, while Katy went for a 'smiling peppermint' on her foot (complimenting a previous strawberry tattoo on her other foot).

They noticeably avoided any romantic theme to their choices however, not opting for any Beckham-style referenced to each other in the new additions.

Showing she's a dab hand with the laser pen, Katy proceeded to tattoo the peppermint onto 'Bang Bang', who traveled with Katy for a week and inked the symbol onto around 50 members of her entourage.

Job well done? Russell Brand had the West Ham football team badge inked by legendary tattoo artist 'Bang Bang'

Katy has dismissed the latest speculation of a split from Russell, insisting reports that suggested she has filed for divorce are not true.

Katy and Russell have been hit by speculation their marriage is in trouble ever since they headed down the aisle in India last October.

It was rumoured yesterday that Katy had filed divorce papers in Los Angeles, but The One That Got Away hitmaker took to her Twitter page to deny the story.

Lighthearted theme: Katy went for a 'smiling peppermint' on her right foot, complimenting a previous strawberry tattoo on her other foot

Katy even jokingly compared herself to All My Children character Erica Kane, who has been married and divorced numerous times in the US TV soap.

She wrote: 'First I'm pregnant & then I'm divorced. What am I All My Children?! Erica Kane... pshhh. If I had a dollar for every time.'

Soon after her tweet, Katy headed to the Grammy Nominations concert in Los Angeles without her husband.



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