Friday, February 24, 2012

'I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!': TV presenter Sarah Beeny reveals why she appears bigger on screen

By Sadie Whitelocks

They say cameras add pounds.

But TV presenter Sarah Beeny has revealed that it isn't because of the cameras she looks bigger - it's because she's often pregnant while filming.

The 40-year-old, mother-of-four says that she prefers to work during pregnancy so she can take time off once the baby is born and enjoy motherhood.

TV presenter Sarah Beeny insists that it isn't because of the cameras she looks bigger - it's because she's pregnant

As a result she often dislikes watching herself on screen, with some shots making it look as if she has 'boobs like watermelons'.

She told 'People always ask why I film so much when pregnant, but it's so I can take a nice long break afterwards.

'In lots of shots I just look fat and have boobs like watermelons but I certainly don't mind working when I'm pregnant.

'I prefer to be hands-on and get stuck in, bump or no bump!

'I always get asked if I've lost weight and I say, "no, I was probably just massively pregnant last time you saw me".'

Despite always feeling fat the property developer who is mother to Billy, seven, Charlie, six, Rafferty, three, and Laurie, two, says she would like more children.

However her husband Graham Swift is not so happy with the idea.

'I would love another but my husband says no chance! I think really our four makes our family complete, plus we'd have to get a bus to transport everyone in!'

And in the past Beeny has admitted that she is happier when she is slim, working hard to lose weight gained during pregnancy.

She said, following the birth of one of her boys: 'I did put on quite a bit of weight, but I started trying to shift it almost straight away.

'I get frowned on for saying this, but I feel better when I lose a bit of weight. It gives my self-esteem a boost.'

The Property Ladder presenter recently 'realised her dreams' by legally listing her controversial mansion, Rise Hall, near Hornsea, East Yorkshire, as a wedding venue.

She bought the 33-bedroom property for £441,101 in 2001.

The Grade II- star listed building, which boasts 28 rooms sleeping 56 guests, will be managed by events specialists Dine.



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