Friday, February 24, 2012

'Kim Kardashian cheated on her first husband with me': Ray J makes explosive allegations in new tell all book

By Eleanor Gower

Enraged: Kim, pictured in West Hollywood on Tuesday, is said to be furious at Ray J's tell all book

His relationship with Kim Kardashian was thrust into the spotlight when their sex tape was leaked back in 2007, catapulting the reality star to fame.

And Ray J's romance with his reality-star ex is again making headlines, with Ray alleging that she may have cheated on her first husband Damon Thomas with him.

According to The New York Post, the 31-year-old R&B singer refers to a woman he dated for two years as 'KK' in his new book: Death of a Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray.

In addition to the matching initials, the time frame given for this relationship with Kim is also the same.

Kim, who was spotted out looking at locations for a new DASH clothing store in West Hollywood earlier this week, was married to music producer Damon from 2000 to 2004.

She is said to have made the sex tape with Ray back in 2003 before it was leaked in 2007.

Life & Style say that Ray claims 'KK pursued and slept with him while she was still married to her first husband.'

Venture: Kim took her mind off her troubles by looking at locations for a new DASH clothing store in West Hollywood

Love troubles: Kim is in the midst of a divorce from Kris Humphries
'To be honest, the whole thing started off wrong,' writes Ray J, who was last romantically linked to Whitney Houston before her death.

'We'd known each other for a while before we dated and there was a mutual attraction, but she was married.

'She let me know she wanted to get with me. She left her husband for me as soon as we started having sex and things between us got intense really fast. After that, I felt obligated to be with her.'

Tell all: Ray J, seen arriving at LAX airport en-route to Whitney Houston's funeral, is reported to have made allegations about ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian in his new book

Kim, currently in the midst of a divorce from second husband Kris Humphries, has previously denied cheating on Damon.

Ray J also goes onto reveal details about the intimate side of their relationship.

'We were like animals; sexually free to try anything, and we did,' he writes in the book.

'For years KK and I had a great sex life. There was more to our relationship, but the majority of it was about our wild and extreme sexual chemistry.

'She was a straight freak who was down to do whatever, whenever and that seriously hypnotised me.'

He also documents Kim's attentiveness towards him, describing how she would greet him with hot towels and toothpaste on his toothbrush in the morning.

Kiss and tell: Ray J has alleged Kim Kardashian, pictured back in 2006, cheated on her first husband with him before they officially got together

Former husband: Kim was married to music producer Damon Thomas from 2000 to 2004

However, Ray, who alleges that they both cheated on the other during the course of their relationship, claims that Kim ended up being a little too attentive towards him, wanting to know his whereabouts 'at all times.'

He adds 'She literally thought I was cheating with every girl I ran across.'

Kim has yet to comment on her ex boyfriend's allegations, but a source told Life & Style that she is 'furious about Ray J cashing in on her.'

The insider added: 'There's so much that has gone wrong for her this year - he's just another person trying to humiliate her.'

Relationship record: Kim's sex tape with Ray J was leaked in 2007



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