Monday, February 27, 2012

Ryan Seacrest fails to see the funny side as Sacha Baron Cohen's fake dictator pours ashes of King Jong II all over his tuxedo

By Amelia Proud

Talking point of the night: Sacha Baron Cohen made sure he was the talking point of the night by tipping 'King Jong II's ashes' over Ryan Seacrest, no mean feat at the star-studded Oscars

Sacha Baron Cohen used the Oscars to pull off yet another audacious publicity coup to promote his latest movie, The Dictator.

Initially banned by the Academy from pulling such a stunt, bosses finally relented and allowed the British comedian to take to the carpet dressed as General Aladeen, who promptly tipped an urn containing 'the ashes of Kim Jong II' over a furious Ryan Seacrest.

Cohen was quickly bundled away from the angry E! presenter in an unceremonious fashion. But what he lacked in dignity he made up for in humour.

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Guerilla promotion: Sacha Baron Cohen arrived dressed as the star of his next movie, The Dictator, General Aladeen, carrying an urn he joked contained the ashes of the late Kim Jong II

Flanked by sexy military assistants carrying flowers, Sacha Baron Cohen's antics were a massive hit with everyone apart from his po-faced victim.

Cohen's latest creation received the biggest cheer of the night, and made himself the hottest topic of conversation in a matter of mere seconds.

Stars like Tina Fey waited in line to pose by the powder, and over at the Vanity Fair bash - Olivia Wilde mentioned in an interview that she hoped Cohen would bring the ashes to the party later.

It all started tamely for Seacrest when asked: 'Who are you wearing?'

Cohen replied gamely: 'I'm wearing John Galliano, but the socks are from K-Mart! As Saddam Hussein once said to me, socks are socks, don't waste money.'

Taking his chance: Cohen tips the powder over Ryan's expensive Burberry suit

Too slow: The security team jumped in but Cohen had managed to liberally cover Seacrest

Quite a spill: This shot shows how much powder Cohen managed to spill before security stepped in, he saved thousands on publicity with the prank

But then he added: 'I love it here because it gave me an opportunity to bring my dear friend and tennis partner, Kim Jong-il.

All the while showing a gold urn with the North Korean leader who died in December emblazoned on its front.

Pure rage: Seacrest's face was contorted in anger after the stunt, when Giuliana Rancic said he was lucky he yelled: 'Lucky? You think this is lucky?'

Creating a stir: Aside from Seacrest, everyone loved Cohen's antics but he was forced to ditch the powder immediately lest he sprinkle any other stars

He said: 'It was my dream to come to the Oscars and be sprinkled over the red carpet and Halle Berry's chest again.'

Then he appeared to stumble and poured the contents all over Seacrest's Burberry suit.

The mixture, which turned out to be Bisquik pancake mix, coated Seacrest quite liberally, and he didn't see the funny side.

Quite a spill: This shot shows how much powder Cohen managed to spill before security stepped in, he saved thousands on publicity with the prank

Stealing the show: Sacha's creation drew the biggest applause of the evening so far

Cohen undeterred and no doubt happy his stunt had worked wonderfully, added: 'Now when people ask what you're wearing, you will say Kim Jong-il!"

'Part of me thought he would be up to something!' said Ryan, 'He was either going to do that to me or George Clooney, right?'

Seacrest then wrote on his Twitter page: 'My mom always told me to pack two jackets for red carpets, always wondered why. Now I know.'

He later added: 'A lot of people hitting up afterparties I'm hosting a pancake breakfast tomorrow.'

His co-presenters Kelly Osbourne and Giuliania Rancic were delighted, however.
Osbourne chuckled and said it was 'priceless,' while Rancic tried to comfort Seacrest by reminding him that he will be trending worldwide.

Ashes to Ashes: The stunt was the talking point of the night as stars including Tina Fey and Shailene Woodley posed by the powder in the red carpet

The joke's over: Muppets star Jason Segel looks bemused as the Academy team vacuum the carpet



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