Thursday, March 22, 2012

'Even my mum asks if Simon is gay!' Cowell left fuming after David Walliams jokes about his sexuality during TV interview

By Sarah Bull

Amanda Holden revealed yesterday that David Walliams has had everyone on Britain's Got Talent cringing with his close to the mark sense of humour.

But earlier this week the comedian took things too far while recording an interview on The Jonathan Ross show.

Walliams left the music mogul fuming after making regular jokes about his sexuality, pushing Cowell to the limit.

Not a happy bunny: Simon Cowell appeared to be struggling as he posed up with David Walliams on the Jonathan Ross show, where the comedian left the mogul fuming with his jokes about his sexuality

The controversy began when Walliams, promoting Britain's Got Talent, told Jonathan: 'The main question I get is, "Is Simon gay?" Even my mum asks. She says, "He's nice. Is he gay?" '

And while Cowell attempted to bring the conversation back around to work, saying that he often worked from midday to 5am, Walliams joked: 'At 12 o'clock at night you're working quite hard - because that's when the ladyboys come round.'

Cowell, apparently finding the jokes a bit close to the mark, said: 'It's worth pointing out that I have a relationship with ITV and most of this will be edited out.'

The BGT boss was then apparently overheard telling Ross as the show broke for an advert segment: 'I want to have a word with you.'

However, despite things beginning professionally enough after the advert break, Walliams was quick to return to his naughty jokes, showing Ross a picture of himself and Simon on his phone.

He told the presenter: 'This proves that Simon does like me. Look at how erect his nipples are!'

However, a source close to Simon said he took it all in good humour, adding: 'Simon knows exactly what David & Jonathan are like!'

And Cowell even joked on his Twitter page last night: 'Did Jonathan Ross show last night with @davidwalliams - he's out of control. Just wait till BGT starts David, I'll get my own back!'

Walliams then replied: 'Honey, I am just getting started! You wait until the live shows!'

Speaking on This Morning today, Ross said that Cowell had 'pretended to be angry' about the jokes, but added that he had been a 'good sport'.

Colleagues: Cowell and Walliams with Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden on the Britian's Got Talent panel

He said: 'We always cut a lot out but Simon is a great sport, he really is, and I do admire that about him.

'And David is an incredibly funny man, and he doesn't seen to respect any of the normal borders that most people do.'

Asked how the interview had kicked off, Ross said: 'David came on and the first thing he said was that he one of the first questions he always gets asked is "Is Simon gay?". And he replied, "I still don't know!" and put his hand on his knee - and it went from there.'

Yesterday, Cowell and Walliams' fellow BGT judge Holden said that the comedian has often left them open-mouthed with his sense of humour.

Still smiling: Last night, Cowell looked in good spirits as he headed out for dinner at London's C restaurant

Good friends: Cowell dined out with racing legend Bernie Ecclestone and a group of friends

She told This Morning: 'David is so naughty - he has taken the mickey so badly out of Simon that I don't know if any of it will get into the edit!

'Simon has found it hilarious. He's got a brilliant sense of humour Simon, but he has been very near the knuckle has David!'

Holden added: 'David literally said to me, "What's Simon like?" and I said he's got a great sense of humour but there are some things that you probably shouldn't touch on... and then he touched on all those things!'

Meanwhile, in the interview with Ross, Cowell also spoke about his love life, insisting that he is absolutely 'fine' being single.

Adding that he had previously proposed to women who had said no in the past, Walliams then joked: 'But asking the whole of Stringfellows all at once, they don't find it that flattering!'

Ross also teased Cowell about his close relationships with ex-girlfriends including Sinitta, and his unusual 'Legoman' haircut.



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