Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Every little helps! Adele stocks up on groceries with the help of her £100,000 bodyguard

By Georgina Littlejohn

That should keep you going for a while! Adele was snapped with her bodyguard today as she did her weekly shop at her local Tesco in Sussex

She hired her female bodyguard to make her feel better about staying in her huge Sussex mansion which she believes may be haunted.

And it would appear that Adele is getting her money's worth out of her new £100,000 employee who she also roped in to help with the weekly shop.

The singer was snapped at her local Tesco near the £7million Sussex home that she has recently moved in to picking up groceries and essentials.

She filled her trolley with food and was snapped studying her shopping list carefully as she made sure she got everything she came for.

She looked deep in thought as she pulled and pushed, with some help from her bodyguard, her way through the aisles, checking her list and filling up the cart as she decided what items she needed.

Looking fresh-faced and as though she had literally just dashed out of the house, she wore a black coat and her had her blonde hair piled up on the top of her head.

Ooh, is that on offer? Despite her millions, the down-to-earth singer still knows a bargain when she sees one

Stocking up: Adele helped herself to some steak in the frozen section before perusing the crisps and snacks

Hiding her face behind sunglasses, she was a far cry from the glitzy and glamorous girl who walked away with six Grammys and two Brit Awards last months.

She was snapped studying the crisps as she made a decision about which flavour to have and dug around the freezers for some beef steaks.

The 23-year-old was also seen studying the special offer in the bread aisle and filling up her trolley accordingly.

Is that everything? Adele and her bodyguard check the trolley as they get to the checkout

Did you drop something? Adele and her bodyguard looked like they were digging around at the bottom of the trolley

She also picked up some canned items, possibly baked beans or soup before she and her bodyguard headed to the check out.

There she carefully loaded everything into bags before the two ladies pushed it through the crowds and out into the car park.

And despite having a chart-topping superstar in their midst, not one of her fellow shoppers batted an eyelid to her presence.

Right then, where did I leave the car? The girls head off out of the store and into the car park

Ain't too proud to pack: Despite being a multi-millionairess, Adele is not adverse to packing away her own shopping

Adele was then seen by her car loading up the boot with her shopping, proving that she is the same old down-to-earth Londoner she was before she hit the big time.

It was then back to the mansion, which is haunted, according to the Sun, and her friends said she said she keeps 'hearing things that made her jump' in the ten-bedroom mansion, which used to be a convent, and has vowed never to spend another night alone there.

And she is reportedly paying the bodyguard, a former chauffeur, £100,000 a year to stay with her in the mansion, which is set in 25 acres of land and boasts two swimming pools.

One of the people: Adele was clearly recognisable as the pop star she is but no one in the supermarket batted an eyelid to her presence



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