Friday, March 30, 2012

A fresh-faced Sarah Jessica Parker perfects the art of minimal make-up with a small splash of colour

By Georgina Littlejohn

She's always snapped dashing around New York with her twins looking fresh-faced, not having time to even brush on some mascara.

But today Sarah Jessica Parker must have had a bit more time on her hands as she left her home with some make-up on.

However, she has clearly managed to perfect the art of making it look minimal as you really had to look closely to notice that she was wearing any at all.

Not so fresh-faced: Sarah Jessica Parker managed to pull off the art of minimal make-up as she left her New York home

The actress, 47, was seen leaving her apartment in Manhattan in very casual attire, wearing jeans and a plain grey long-sleeved top.

But she had made an effort with her face as a splash of grey/blue eyeshadow could be seen on her lids and a smudge of pink blush on her cheeks.

It wasn't clear where she was going but there was a car waiting for her suggesting she was off to do some work.

Casual: Despite her dressed-down look, SJP's eyeshadow could be seen on her pretty blue peepers

She's certainly looking good for her age, having turned 47 this week.

But recently she admitted to Elle magazine that she is noticing changes due to her advancing years more than ever.

She said: 'I don't know what I can do about the aging. Yes, I am aging.

Splash of colour: A hint of blush could be seen on Sarah's face as she left her home

In a rush: SJP looked miles away as she headed to a waiting car

'Oh my God, I'm aging all the time. It's like those flowers that wilt in front of you in time-lapse films.

'But what can I possibly do? Look like a lunatic?'

Fully made-up: SJP in Carrie Bradshaw mode on the set of Sex and The City



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