Wednesday, March 14, 2012

‘I kind of want to hit you across the face’: Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie left reeling after sexist Fashion Star comment

By Iona Kirby

Fuming: Jessica Simpson was furious after one of the Fashion Star hopefuls made a sexist comment

The show sees a host of aspiring designers competing to be the next big thing in fashion.

But not all of the contestants making their debut on Fashion Star seemed grateful to be given the opportunity.

Model turned designer Nicholas certainly didn’t do himself any favours when he made a sexist comment towards female mentors Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson.

Stony: Nicole Richie's face said it all after contestant Nicholas made the chauvinistic remark

Nicole critiqued his collection, which saw a series of male models showing off a bizarre combination of leather jackets, rolled up denim shorts and cowboy boots.

And the Australian hopeful wouldn’t stand for it, as he immediately hit back: ‘It’s very hard to understand the girls giving advice about men’s fashion.’

Nicole attempted to brush off the remark with a laugh, although her stony face said it all.

Bad move: Nicholas told the mentors they didn't know about men's fashion

Debut: Nicholas's collection failed to impress the mentors or the buyers

However the show’s host Elle Macpherson said: ‘That is so Ozzie chauvinist.’

When it came to Jessica’s time to give comment, the pregnant star was not pulling any punches.

She said: ‘I’m a little bit offended. A lot a bit, actually. To talk down to a woman in this business? We’re running the world right now.’

At that point Nicole chipped in: ‘Nick, we’re trying to help you.’

Fighting back: Jessica Simpson pulled no punches when she lashed out at the hopeful on tonight's premiere episode

Brushing it off: Nicole attempted to cover her anger with a laugh but then told the contestant she was only trying to help

Jessica was laughing but appeared furious as she said: ‘I really kind of want to hit you across the face right now.’

The singer turned designer also took to her Twitter account to voice her feelings.

She wrote while the show was airing: ‘I know what a buyer wants @nicholasbowes and I really hope you take everyone’s advice to heart. #FashionStar’

Who run the world?: Jessica slammed Nicholas for attempting to talk down to women

Mentors: Jessica, John Varvatos and Nicole make up the panel on the new reality show

After Nicholas delivered the badly styled collection followed by the badly timed comment, it was unsurprising that he received no bids from buyers wishing to sell his clothes.

When it came to making the final decision Jessica said: 'I wish it was just confidence and not arrogance.'

Nicholas landed in the bottom two and was eventually sent home as the show’s premiere episode came to a close.

Fight club: Jessica told Nicholas she wanted to slap him across the face

Karma: Nicholas became the first contestant to be sent packing from the fashion show



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