Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is there anything she CAN'T do? Victoria Beckham posts picture of her culinary efforts for sons' International Food day

By Sarah Bull

She's a world-famous singer, mother of four children and a massively successful clothing designer.

And it seems there literally is nothing that Victoria Beckham can't do, judging by the pictures she posted on her Twitter page last night.

The 37-year-old star got busy in the kitchen to prepare food for her sons Romeo and Cruz's International Food Day at school.

Domestic goddess: Victoria Beckham got busy in the kitchen preparing food for her sons Romeo and Cruz's International Food Day at school

After tweeting a picture of Union Jack stickers and flags, Victoria later shared a shot of the impressive spread she had sorted for the occasion.

Culinary delights including pork pies, sausage rolls and cheese and pineapple on sticks sat in three large foil trays with Union Jack flags on cocktail sticks in each item.

The trays were surrounded by sweets wrapped in patriotic paper, as well as a cute toy dog wearing a Union Jack cape.

Victoria accompanied the shot with the caption: 'Just finished cooking! Very proud to be British!! X vb.'

However, it's unlikely Posh tested any of the food - given both the fact that she's a vegetarian and the high calorie content of the food.

It seems Victoria's skills in the kitchen have improved drastically since 2008, when she admitted in an interview that one of the only food items she had mastered cooking was mince meat.

She said: 'The only thing I can cook really is mince meat, which is ironic because I’m a vegetarian. But I like calzone and lasagna. I cooked every day in Spain so David and the boys lived off minced meat for four years.

'I cook a Sunday dinner every single Sunday I’ll have you know. My kids like Yorkshire pudding so I make that, I can make it from scratch and I make Dora the Explorer cakes for afters because the kids love them.'

Victoria's kitchen session came after she and David last night joined friend Marc Anthony and his new girlfriend Shannon De Lima at the Latin Music Awards VIP reception in Los Angeles.

Getting ready: Victoria had earlier tweeted a picture of Union Jack stickers and flags in preparation for the project

Happy family: Mother-of-four Victoria's cooking was in aid of Romeo (in green stripes) and Cruz's (in purple) special school event



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