Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Made up little madam: Suri Cruise sports glossy red lips as she jets off in helicopter with Katie Holmes

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

She found fashion at an early age and it now appears that Suri Cruise is interested in make-up too.

The inquisitive five-year-old was seen sporting what appeared to be red lipstick as she left home with her mother Katie Holmes in New York earlier tonight.

Suri's lips were a bright rosy hue as she left her apartment.

Experimenting with make-up now? Suri Cruz left her apartment with her mother with what appeared to be red lipstick on

The little fashionista was dressed in her favourite purple jacket and a tiered flowery dress as she stepped out with her mother for the evening.

Of course the colouring on her lips could well be a sign the little girl had indulged in red sweets and it was simply the food dye.

However her mother also seemed to be sporting the same shade on her mouth so perhaps Suri is now experimenting with beauty products.

Sharing the same shade: The five-year-old appeared to have the same shade of lipstick as her mother Katie Holmes as the pair left their apartment in New York

Dressed to impress: Suri, who is known for her bold fashion choices had donned a floral dress and her favourite purple cardigan

Perhaps the lipstick was worn because of where the pair were off t - they were heading to board a helicopter.

Although while taking this mode of transport would be a special occasion for most people little Suri is used to the high life.

Katie,33, was seen holding her daughter's hand as they left the apartment and appeared relaxed and in good spirits.

On on the town: The mother-daughter pair were headed out together after a busy day

Getting ready: Suri was seen carrying a backpack after having discharged her blanket to her mother as they waited for their helicopter

The actress had donned a red printed jumpsuit for the evening which she had teamed with a brown belt and a matching cardigan.

The pair made their way to the helicopter and Suri was carrying a blanket and some stuffed toys to take with her on the journey.

As they waited for the flight the little girl discharged her blanket to her mother and was seen carrying a backpack.

Once seated inside the helicopter the mother daughter pair were seen peering out of the window.

Suri appeared to be excited by the view while Katie kept her entertained playing with her stuffed animal.

It never gets old: Despite being used to riding in the luxury aircraft Suri appeared animated while Katie played with her stuffed animal

Up up and away: The mother daughter pair made their way into the sky



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