Sunday, March 25, 2012

Miley Cyrus does 'an Angelina' in slitted orange dress as she and her right leg try and upstage her Hunger Games star boyfriend Liam Hemsworth

By Amelia Proud

Doing an Angelina: Miley Cyrus stuck out her leg a la Jolie at Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XVIII tonight

It's the biggest weekend of her boyfriend's life so far, so why does it seem as though Miley Cyrus is trying to upstage him?

Until now, Billy Ray's little girl turned anodyne wild child was the bigger star in the union with upcoming Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.

But this weekend's launch of The Hunger Games is changing all this right now as the blockbuster draws in the crowds who will become Hemsworth's army of fans.

Basically, he's the new Robert Pattinson.

But while this all trundles on, the affable boy from Down Under was still happy to play second fiddle to Miley at Muhammed Ali's Celebrity Fight Night in Phoenix, Arizona.

The 19-year-old donned a bright orange gown with a very Jolie-esque slit up the right side.

Attention grabbing: Bright colour - check, protruding leg - check and engagement ring - check

Movie star boyfriend - check! Liam is happy to play second fiddle to Miley, but this will all change

Her leg protruded accordingly, admittedly not to Jolie levels of lunging, but it was definitely a trainee apprenticeship re-imagining of 'the leg.'

And the sparkling ring on Miley's engagement finger was still in place.

Not even just there, coyly hidden by her side, but positioned on her hip and thrust towards the cameras.

Making it pop: Miley paired her retina-rocking orange gown with pink lipstick to happy effect

Inspiration: Acting legend Tom Hanks has been married to his famous wife for 14 years

After all this, the man of the hour seemed to be more of after-thought, though perhaps the 22-year-old knows that there are many days of adulation to come.

The pair were joined at the event by legendary actor Tom Hanks,55, and his wife Rita Wilson, who could give Liam and Miley a few words of wisdom.

They're both in showbusiness, one is a much bigger star and they've managed to have a happy marriage for fourteen years.

We don't think that's the way to do the victory sign, Tom! Hanks speaks in the audience at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa



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