Saturday, March 17, 2012

The naffest couple ever: Katie Price and Leandro Penna are a kaleidoscope of neon

By Nadia Mendoza

Trouble in paradise... again? Katie Price looks rather angry with boyfriend Leandro Penna shopping in Brighton

It's rare to get noticed when standing next to a glamour model in neon pink - especially when she happens to be Katie Price.

But it was Leandro Penna that drew the glances as he stepped out in a bizarre Adidas anorak.

The garish top was a multi-coloured creation that appeared to take inspiration from Blockbusters, with a collage of geometric shapes all merged in together.

Katie clearly wasn't impressed with the outfit, judging from her grumpy face.

Or perhaps she was down in the dumps during their Brighton adventure because of conversing issues.

Puckering up her most sullen of pouts, it seemed the mother-of-three may have been experiencing some problems communicating with her Argentinian toyboy.

As she looked forward down the street, the 26-year-old model strained an ear towards her as if struggling to understand what she was saying in English.

Grumpy but gorgeous: Katie could barely crack a smile

The former glamour model should have been in high spirits, having been crowned Foxy Bingo Celebrity Mum Of The Year this week.

Leandro also seemed to be quite the gentleman, carrying all the shopping bags so Katie wouldn't damage her nails.

The beauty queen clearly likes to keep her fingers well manicured, praising Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau on his new invention unveiled yesterday - in the guise of a 'S' shape nail file collection.

Awkward: The couple didn't exactly showcase great body language

After tweeting her congratulations to Tom, even Lord Sugar waged in on the conversation - having invested the initial £250,000 for the joint business venture of The Stylfile Collection.

The BBC One show host replied: 'Glad you like Tom's new nail file let me know how you get on with.'

Katie added: '@Lord_Sugar its a great idea!! and you know how much i love my nails to look perfect!'

Winner: Katie was crowned Foxy Bingo Celebrity Mum Of The Year 2012



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