Tuesday, March 13, 2012

'No, it's not twins, I know it looks like it': Jessica Simpson 'waddles' on to Jay Leno show to talk about her pregnancy, cravings and wedding plans

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

There's no doubt about it Jessica Simpson will be giving birth any day now and she is sporting an extremely large baby bump.

But on tonight's Jay Leno show the singer and businesswoman joked that she was so big she looked like she was having twins as she chatted with the host and another guest Adam Corolla.

Leno asked Adam, who has twins if he had any parenting tips for the actress and singer - and Jessica thought he was insinuating that she was having twins.

Big baby bump: Jessica Simpson joked about her size and said: 'No it's not twins' while appearing on the Jay Leno show last night

She replied: 'No, it's not twins I know it looks like it.'

Earlier in the show before the heavily pregnant stepped on the stage Leno introduced her by saying: 'She’s about to have a baby at any minute.'

Jessica strutted out onto the stage in a black dress, an animal print cardigan and a pair of sky-high heels.

Waddling on stage: The heavily pregnant singer said she was now 'waddling' not walking given her baby bump

After greeting the co-host she she: 'We’re waddling at this point.'

And while Leno joked she might give birth any minute she replied: 'Not quite yet we have some time.'

Speaking about the upcoming birth of she said: 'Labour is really going to hurt I have so much respect for my mom and all the women across the world.'

She added: 'It’s a tough thing here and I’m wearing six inch heels, it’s a lot of weight to carry on six inches.'

Cravings: Jessica also spoke about a tasted treat she had names 'slutty brownies'

Baby bump on board: Jessica spoke to the chat show host about the day she found out she was pregnant with her fiance Eric Johnson

While Jessica was discussing her size she also revealed some of her pregnancy cravings which included something she described as 'slutty brownies'.

They are a three layer desert which include a layer of cookie dough and a layer of oreo cookie too.

When asked why they are called 'slutty brownies' she replied: 'I don't know I guess a lot goes into them I guess.'

Jessica also spoke about how she found out she was pregnant - she had a feeling of guilt over plans to drink cocktails with friends so she decided to take a test.

Getting ready: The singer posted a picture of her getting ready before appearing on the show

She joked: 'We weren't trying but we were practicising.'

Learning she was pregnant she said: 'I freaked out I was so excited, Eric didn’t even know I was doing it, he was completely shocked. He cried.'

When asked if she had set a wedding date Jessica replied: 'I want him to be my husband so bad.I do still want to wear the pretty gown so I have to wait.'
Before adding: 'Now she’ll just be in the wedding.'

Stripes on: Jessica and Eric were seen at a studio in Santa Monica ahead of her appearance on the show

Jessica was on the show to promote her new reality TV show Fashion star which debuts on Tuesday night.

Speaking about taping the show, when she was in the early stages of pregnancy she said she was sweating a lot in the studio and came up with an unusual nickname for herself.

She said: 'I came up with it because I was sweating my butt off. I had major ‘swamp ass.’

Jessica, who has her own billion dollar clothing empire, said she Nicole Richie and Elle Macpherson were looking for ' a new fashion icon' on the show.



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