Monday, March 19, 2012

One for sorrow: Steps girls try to upstage a curvy Claire Richards with skimpy outfits for GAY performance

By Lucy Buckland

Tragedy! Steps perform at GAY on Saturday wearing red and black outfits, Claire kept it simple with a black jumpsuit

She recently said she didn't mind being the biggest girl onstage, advice Claire Richards' bandmates seem to have taken as an open invitation to show her up.

While curvaceous Claire stayed demure in her covered up outfit, Lisa Scott-Lee made sure she showed off her tiny figure for a performance at GAY.

One would hope Lisa wasn't trying to upstage her bigger bandmate on Saturday evening after it was revealed the 34-year-old was getting 'extra' training to get fit for their upcoming tour.

And although last night's performance at GAY wasn't a packed full of those old routines, Lisa, Faye Tozer, Lee Latchford-Evans, Ian 'H' Watkins and Claire certainly put their best cheesy foot forward to impress the London crowd.

But it was Lisa's revealing outfit that captured the attention of the audience, the 36-year-old donned sheer tights and a short dress for the gig, while Faye, 36, the other female in the group kept her look similar to Claire's with a clenched in trouser suit which showed off her tiny waist and toned arms.

Fans had a mixed reaction to their gig with Louise Dearman tweeting: 'What an amazing night at GAY watching @Ianhwatkins and Steps! Looking good babe!'

Revealing: Lisa Scott-Lee showed off her slim figure in spangles while Claire Richards kept covered up in a plain jumpsuit

Others invoked the age old phrase where the pop group are concerned, Pete Young simply stated: 'TRAGEDY. It really was.'

Perhaps Claire, who at 16 stone is a size 12, wasn't too bothered though, after spending last week hitting out at her critics, saying she doesn't care about being the biggest girl on stage and her husband adores her figure.

And while the rest of her bandmates put all their energy into the tour, Claire has other pans on the hob, hosting Lorraine's Cake Club - a search on ITV's Lorraine to find Britain's best cake.

Deeper shade of.... black: Faye Tozer shows off her remarkably toned arms and tiny waist at the show

They're back! Steps sing a set a GAY, look much more grown up than in their heyday

The star has struggled with her weight over the years, bouncing in between a size eight and 20.

Claire married Steps dancer Mark Webb before her 2008 wedding to electrician Reece Hill, with whom she has two children, Charlie, four, and Daisy, two.

'Everything's better this time around because I'm a much happier person. I've been through a crap marriage, but now I have a wonderful husband and amazing kids.

Mellow yellow: Claire was known to show off her washboard stomach in bikinis in Steps' heyday in the late '90s

'They give me all the support I never had before and being a size 16 makes me feel sexier than ever - having a big bum and boobs rocks!

'I know I'll be the biggest girl on the stage, but I don't care. If I worried about that I'd send myself mad.

'I've realised eating healthily does make me feel better. Luckily I know Reece loves me at any size - he's seen me skinny, fat and everything in between and he adore my bum.'



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