Tuesday, March 20, 2012

'There were lots of tears': Cheryl Fergison wept the day she was axed from EastEnders

By J J Anisiobi

Cheryl Fergison has revealed how she burst into tears the moment she was told she was being forced out of EastEnders.

The 46-year-old actor should have been celebrating that afternoon after hearing that her Moroccan husband had been granted a visa to live in Britain after months of trying.

However, as her heart began to flutter at the news she would be reunited with Yassine El-Jamouni, EastEnders bosses broke the news that her character Heather Trott was going to be killed off.

Cheryl Fergison cried when she found out she was going to be axed from EastEnders

She told Best magazine: 'It was a bittersweet day. What you get with one hand, you get taken away with another!

'When they told me Heather was for the chop, (the boss) had to get me a tissue. Sometimes a character is sacrificed to make other stories work. I get it. I knew it was going to come but it was still a shock.'

Fergison was told the news last September and bosses reportedly said they wanted to get rid of her before the audience grew bored of her.

A source told The Sun: 'Heather’s character has been hugely popular over the years, but the decision has been taken to cut her out of the show before viewers tire of her.'

Cheryl explained that she was able to hold it together during filming of her last scenes but she crumbled when it came to clearing out her dressing room.

Soap star: Cheryl plays Heather Trott in EastEnders, but has been axed from the show

Confident: Cheryl admits she has no intention to lose weight and is happy with her shape

She said: 'There were lots of tears and I was scared about the future. I’ve turned down a couple of things I didn’t think were quite right for me.

'I’d love to do some documentaries about Morocco with my husband and I’d like to do some more theatre.'

The curvy star also revealed that she will not be forced into losing weight and is happy with her body shape.

She said: 'Good luck to them if they want to but I won’t be doing that. Everyone tries to pressurise me with comments, saying I’d be much prettier if I lost weight.'

She added: 'My thing is to be positive and to like yourself and until you can do that, you can’t function.'



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