Monday, March 5, 2012

'We need a private family meeting': Danielle Brown tweets her concerns over sister Mel's 'mental state' and her kids

By Kirsty Mccormack

No longer close: Melanie Brown (L) and her sister Danielle appeared to have had a Twitter argument on Friday but all evidence has been removed from the singer's page

It's no secret that Melanie Brown and her sister Danielle aren't the closest of siblings, but now their difficult relationship has gone public once again.

The pair had a rather odd conversation via Twitter on Friday, but the former Spice Girl claimed it was a hacker who was tweeting bizarre messages on her page.

However, her younger sister refused to believe her and began a fully-fledged rant declaring that the pair needs to have a 'PRIVATE family meeting.'

Speaking out: Danielle Brown tweeted a series of posts saying that she was 'worried' about her sister

It is unknown what sparked the row as any evidence of the tweets have now been deleted from Mel's page, but her sister's are still there for everyone to see.

It started with Danielle saying: 'U know our mum worked 3 jobs to pay our dance, drama, music class, she still works 7 days a week.'

It seems that Danielle is referring to an argument that the pair had in April last year when Mel tweeted that 'family and money don't mix.'

Someone to blame: The sisters fell out four years ago over Mel's husband Stephen Belafonte

Danielle admitted that she has never taken a penny from her famous sister and added that she had never sold a story on her either.

Her rant continued on Friday, with her saying: 'It's never about money you know this. all of us are worried about your mental state and are the kids safe?'

Mel and Danielle fell out with one another four years ago over Mel's husband Stephen Belafonte.

Danielle hinted at her dislike of Stephen by adding that her and her sister needed to have a meeting with their 'mum and dad,' but also said there needed to be 'no film crew no cameras and NO STEPHEN.'

Old times: The siblings, pictured here in 2000, used to close but rarely see each other now

Last year, Danielle tweeted that she had been 'stood up' by her older sister after they'd arranged to meet up.

However, Mel claimed that a hacker had made the arrangements via her Twitter page.

Danielle refused to believe her and even suggested that it may have been Stephen who was using her account.

A spokesperson for Melanie was unavailable for comment.



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