Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is this what you meant when you said you represent the average woman? Diminutive Victoria Beckham's models tower over her

By Andrea Magrath

She made headlines last month when she proclaimed that her size six figure 'stood for the general public.'

But despite being a few dress sizes smaller than the average UK woman, Victoria Beckham did prove her point in other ways while posing with models in Beijing today.

The four models towered over the diminutive designer during a presentation of her most recent collection.

'I represent the general public': Victoria Beckham poses with models wearing her designs in Beijing today, proving that even her skyscraper heels can't match their towering height

Despite wearing her trademark skyscraper heels, the 38-year-old was inches shorter than the girls, only reaching one's shoulders.

Perhaps her 5'4" frame is what Victoria was referring to when she revealed how she steps in to to represent her customer during fittings with her design team.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar recently, Victoria revealed: 'We always joke that we have this fabulously gorgeous 17-year-old model who is six-foot-whatever and then I say "OK, I’m going to put it on. I stand for the general public here".

'Am I shrinking?' Victoria was aware of her diminutive stature next to the models

Victoria appeared very aware of her diminutive stature during the presentation, tweeting another picture between two tall women, asking, 'Am I shrinking?'

Mrs Beckham has been in China to showcase her collection and promote the new Range Rover Evoque, which she co-designed.

She has been tweeting a number of behind-the-scenes images, including a snap of her hairstyle, created by friend Ken Paves.

The loose side braid was the style she chose for the collection showcase today, and she teamed the look with a black short-sleeved dress.

In another shot, the mother-of-four watches a dancer at The China Club in Beijing.
But one of Victoria's holiday snaps has been publicly criticised.

Mrs Beckham tweeted a picture of herself pretending to make an announcement during her flight to Beijing last week.

Sitting in the jump seat next to an air hostess, she held the phone to her ear and captioned the picture: 'Cabin Crew prepare for landing! Welcome to Beijing!'

The crewmember next to her was in on the joke, but a spokesperson for Cathay Pacific has criticised the move.

He's behind you! Victoria watches a dancer at The China Club

While confirming that Victoria did not actually sit in the jump seat for landing, or make a passenger announcement, the airline said it was 'inappropriate.'

'The passenger only posed for the picture. No public announcement was made,' the spokeswoman told the Hong Kong standard.

'It was inappropriate as ... the crew seats are only for the cabin crew and passengers should not be allowed to touch any of the aircraft equipment.'

'It was inappropriate': A spokesperson for Cathay Pacific has criticised Victoria's in-flight joke which saw her sitting in a jump seat last week

Victoria has been keeping up a hectic schedule combining promoting her own brand and the Range Rover during her stay in China.

Victoria designed and launched the special new limited edition ‘baby’ off-roader Range Rover bearing her name and aimed at well-heeled customers.

The vehicle also aims to woo the super-rich and growing middle class of China where the first models will be sold.

And with a price tag of £80,000 - or around double the cost of the equivalent standard Evoque – buyers will pay heavily for the privilege of owning one of just 200 exclusive 4x4s created.

Lady in red: Victoria showed off her style in one of her own red and black dresses during a customer event the day before

Getting ready: The former Spice Girl ensured she looked her best for the event and tweeted a photo of all of her cosmetics before she stepped outside



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