Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mind over matter! Miley Cyrus powers through her finger injury to take exercise class in belly-baring top

By Leah Simpson

She’s currently sporting a split on her finger after falling victim to a blender incident recently.

But while her wounded digit has been the focus of attention lately as she embarks on her daily work out sessions, all eyes were on Miley Cyrus’ flat midriff today.

The singer and actress wasn’t only soaking up the California sun as she stepped out of her Pilates class but she also lapped up the generous attention.

Fabulous frame: Miley Cyrus attended a Pilates class in West Hollywood today showing off her midriff

Unlike many stars – who can often appear frumpy in their exercise attire – the 19-year-old looked impressive as she sported a cropped top with her tight cut-off leggings.

The stripy T-shirt left her washboard stomach on display as she left the top of her reversible trousers turned down.

Wearing dark aviator sunglasses and with her hair pulled up out of her face, the teenager was beaming as she greeted admirers with a confident wave.

Spotlight on Miley: The teenager clearly enjoyed the attention she received in the flesh-flashing T-shirt

Hello boys: She waved to onlookers as she stepped out of her session in cut-off leggings and flips flops

Being careful not to put any strain on the offending limb, she carried a large black studded bag on her right arm as she walked in flip flips to her car.

The star went to Burbank hospital earlier this week to have her stitches removed from her index finger, emerging with a bandage on it.

Miley was attempting to prepare herself a nice evening meal when her night was plunged into chaos after she caught her hand in a kitchen blender.

Turning heads: The singer and actress has plenty of time on her hands these days a her new movie LOL is getting no promotion

She has plenty of time to increase her exercise regime and experiment with home cooking after the film in which she starred in with Demi Moore has failed to be a success at the box office.

Lionsgate, who produced the movie titled LOL, are putting out next to no publicity or promotion for it.

The studio have reportedly said that they will be unable to concentrate on the motion picture until after they finish promoting their big blockbuster The Hunger Games.

The film, which cost $11million to make, is now set to be ushered to DVD quickly to avoid losing any more money on the project.

Time on her hands: Cyrus has been seen on daily visits to exercise classes despite her injured finger

All better: She recently had the stitches removed from her offending digit after a visit to Burbank hospital



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