Sunday, April 1, 2012

SPOILER ALERT: EastEnders' Lucy Beale saves a drunk Lauren Branning from a car of three random men

By J J Anisiobi

After making her parents sick with grief because of her alcohol problem, Lauren Branning is now a concern for her friends too.

The resident party animal of Albert Square plummets to new depths next week on EastEnders, when she needs to be rescued by Lucy Beale.

The 18-year-old brunette is driven off by three random men after a boozy night out in Walford, and unaware of the potential danger she may be in, Lauren is saved by a sensible Lucy Beale.

Super girl: A worried Lucy Beale sprints after the car taking her drunk friend, Lauren Branning, away for a party

The two girls are seen enjoying a night out on the tiles celebrating Branning's 18th birthday, and have a little too much to drink.

However, when the nightclub closes Lauren decides that she wants to continue the party and decides to go off with three strange men.

Lucy, played by 17-year-old Hetti Bywater, tries in vain to persuade her drunken friend to not go with the guys, but Lauren gets into their car.

In the nick of time: Lucy, played by Hetti Bywater, manages to rescue Lauren as the car is forced to stop at traffic lights

The best mates have a huge argument about it and almost come to blows but soon enough the men shut the car door and drive off with Lauren, played by Jacqueline Jossa.

With nobody around to help her, Lucy is forced to take matters into her own hands and sprints down the road after the vehicle.

Lucy catches up with the car and forces open the door and drags the very drunk Lauren out.

The car then tears off at breakneck speed and leaves trails of smoke from the tyres and Lauren lying in the road.

Fight night: Despite being saved, Lauren is angry at Lucy for stopping her from partying with the random men

After she stumbles to her feet she then has another explosive argument with Lucy and they end up getting in a taxi to return to Walford.

Her recent on screen antics have been so appalling that Jacqueline, 19, has been put off drinking in real life.

She told the Daily Star: 'I’ve not got drunk at all in five or six weeks because it makes me feel sick now.

'I watch myself on the show and don’t want my friends to think I’m like that.'

Terrible teen: Lauren has caused a lot of grief for her parents including father Max Branning, pictured



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