Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where is the love? 'Aggressive' is ordered to tone it down after Jessie J row

By Nadia Mendoza

Fans invested faith in them to focus on the contestants rather than descend into a battle of egos.

But it seems The Voice panel have forgotten who the real stars of the show are.

Jessie J and have come to blows à la Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole style.

Don't phunk with my heart: is not amused when Jessie J starts pining for the same singer Joelle

The two judges were squabbling over talented contestant Joelle, 21, when things got personal, prompting the Black Eyed Peas star to become 'aggressive' and require a telling-off from his team.

The pair are reportedly still not speaking to each other following the pre-recorded show.

The feud began when the mentors competed for the wannabe, singing Adele’s Rolling In The Deep.

As Will tried to entice Joelle on his team, Jessie mocks him by chirping: 'I’m William and I’ve got two dashes in my name,' to which he retaliates by calling her 'Little Miss Jessie'.

Goody two shoes: Jessie has proved popular with contestants, joining Aleks Josh onstage last week

He then quips: 'I can’t sing like Jessie but I know how to produce.'

The Where Is The Love? singer admits he grew angry and the situation became 'uncomfortable'.

Will said: 'There was one point where my team came in and expressed concerns on the banter.

'I am the most unconfrontational man in the world, it is not my style, but that was the first time they have ever seen that side of me and they were like, "Will, what are you doing?"'

He confessed he was ordered into the dressing room and given instructions to chill out.

But Will insists the rows are not staged, saying it's like 'hungry people fighting over a steak'.

He added: 'When you are competing and you wanted something and you see Jessie wants what I want, you are a different person and it is hard to control... It is not for the sake of TV.'

War: It's not only Jessie and Will who are competitive, as Danny O'Donoghue and Tom Jones battle it out too



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