Thursday, May 3, 2012

Check out those cheekbones! Lauren Goodger shows off thinner face diet in funny snaps

By Holly Thomas

She faced a cruel backlash after suffering jibes about her weight when holiday snaps from her Miami trip appeared online.

But Lauren Goodger has taken matters into her own hands, and dropped a noticeable amount of weight over the past few weeks with the help of the Cambridge diet.

Lauren admitted that she felt motivated to start the regime when she saw the unkind things people were saying abut her figure.

Someone's been working hard! Lauren Goodger showed off the effects of her recent diet with a slender picture on Twitter

The TOWIE star, 25, said: 'It does get you down. I think people forget that I’m a real person with feelings.'

Lauren confessed that the public reaction to pictures of her after the National Television Awards tipped her over the edge, shattering her confidence.

She explained: 'For whatever reason, the red carpet pictures went live straight away and there were all these Tweets telling me I looked so bad.'

'I had to put a brave face on, but I had a bit of a cry in the toilets.'

Growing confidence: Lauren claimed she wasn't wearing make-up, and has been following the Cambridge diet religiously for the last few weeks

Lauren also had trouble coping with the backlash after photos appeared of her on her recent Miami beach break

'I’d think I looked alright, then I’d catch sight of a picture of myself… I couldn’t relax,' she told Grazia magazine. '

'I couldn’t even eat because I knew someone would take a picture, then it would be, ‘OMG! Lauren stuffs her face’.'

Ready to work: Lauren Goodger was seen arriving at her salon in Buckhurst Hill yesterday wearing a RebelRebelClothing nightwear onesie with a pair of Converse shoes

Lauren explained to New! magazine a few weeks ago that she was keen to drop weight in time for her next holiday.

She said: I want something quick because I’m going away again soon. I want to go to Marbella and Ibiza and when I’m walking around I want everyone to go, ''My God, have you seen Lauren?'' The quick fix will act as a motivator for me.'

The Cambridge diet was developed after eight years of research by the University of Cambridge and the West Middlesex and Addenbrookes Hospitals in the 1970s.

Modest look: Lauren has felt a little more self-conscious after a cruel public reaction to bikini shots of her on holiday in Miami

It involves a very low calorie diet of soups, bars and shakes and is combined with minerals, vitamins and fatty acids to reduce the loss of nutrients typical of low calorie restriction.

Energy intake levels can be as low as 415 kcal per day.

The body is pushed into a state of ketosis where the body breaks down fat for its energy rather than glucose.

The proof is in the pudding: Lauren has shown off her slimmer physique on recent nights out

Lauren tweeted after she started the regime: 'Day6 of @CambsWeightPlan and Ifeel great can feel it already.Can't wait hav body where all the mags use nice pictures of me!I want my goal x'

Lauren has claimed that before appearing on TOWIE she was a size eight.

She explained: 'Back then, I had a very structured life. Then suddenly, we were filming all hours, constantly partying and the weight crept on.'

Suffered jibes: Lauren was the victim of some cruel remarks after photos of her on holiday in Miami at the end of March

The pressure of being in the public eye naturally makes Lauren far more self-conscious than she would be otherwise.

.The reality is that the industry I’m in means that normal doesn’t cut it, so I have to be smaller. I have to diet to be smaller,' she said.



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