Monday, May 7, 2012

Desperate times! Shameless Octomom starts filming solo sex tape in LA mansion... and watches porn to prepare herself

By Daily Mail Reporter

Desperate: Octomom Nadya Suleman was shown porn movies in preparation for her solo sex tape shoot that took place this weekend

Nadya Suleman had sworn she would never stoop to doing porn in order to support her 14 children.

But Octomom, who is severely financially troubled, started filming her x-rated 'self-pleasure video' in order to get a big pay day.

The 36-year-old turned up to a San Fernando Valley mansion on the outskirts of Los Angeles start taping that will see her cavorting in front of the camera by herself in sordid scenes.

Doing anything for money: The mother-of-14 was apparently initially uncomfortable but became more relaxed after speaking to other porn stars at the San Fernando Valley mansion

Octomom is so desperate for money now that she is shooting the solo sex tape - further ruining her already tattered reputation.

As a mother of such a large brood, Octomom's decision to bare all for money has seemingly come as a last resort with the brunette now willing to do anything for cash.

Octomom was apparently nervous before she arrived at the location but soon calmed down after talking to some of the other porn stars at the house.

Producers got Octomom in the mood by showing her porn movies on a big screen television which seemed to shock her - going by the look on her face in pictures taken on set.

Strapped for cash: The hard up single mother was captured trying on several outfits including a black negligee

They also gave her some tips on what they expected from her and what they want her to do in the movie.

In other images from her shoot, she is seen dressed up in several different

One of which see her in brown hotpants and a tan coloured blouse as she admires herself in the mirror of a bathroom and is balancing on towering heels.

She then looks uncomfortable as a handler adjusts her clothes as she gets ready to face the cameras.

'She was a natural - she looked great!' a source told

Change of plan: Suleman had promised that she would never stoop so low as to do porn to support her family

Octomom is also seen wearing a revealing black negligee which displayed much of her cleavage and she paired the outfit with black peep-toe shoes.

She is in a room surrounded by various outfit choices in the sleazy environment that comes in the latest line of poor choices made by the troubled woman.

The hard up single mother is apparently due back on set next week to continue filming.

Suleman told TMZ that she plans to buy a 'dungeon' with the money from the video and wants to get a home in a low-key gated community where she can 'hide.'

'The only dream I have is to buy a safe home for my family,' she told the site.

Move: The home Octomom lives in with her brood is set to be auctioned off tomorrow

The 36-year-old filed for bankruptcy last week after falling into $1million worth of debt.

It is unknown how much money Octomom will receive for her porn appearance, however a source tells the site: ‘It's a lot more than the $10,000 she made for posing topless.’

The mother-of-14 will continue to shoot scenes and the movie will be released later this summer.

Octomom has gone back on a previous vow and admitted she would be willing to do porn if the offer was good enough. But she apparently doesn't think what she's doing is porn because she will be filming alone.

Suleman has turned down offers in the past but has told HLN: 'If the opportunity comes up I'll be the first to admit: I'm going to eat my words.

Because all that matters is that I can take care of my family.'

Strapped: Octomom has recently filed for bankruptcy and has over $1million in debt

She added: 'If it's a job, and it's a well-paying job, and it's going to allow me to get out of here and move in a very safe, huge home that they deserve, I'm going to do it.'

It comes just one day after Suleman filed for Chapter 7 in federal court - the most serious form of bankruptcy, reportedly saying she has as much as $1million in debt.

She said in a statement: 'I have had to make some very difficult decisions this year, and filing Chapter 7 was one of them.'

Octomom reports up to $50,000 in assets in federal court filings, meaning she owes more than 20 times her net worth.

It recently emerged that the auction of Suleman's house in La Habra has been postponed until May 7 according to

The home, which came under scrutiny recently because of its dilapidated state, was supposed to be auctioned off last week after Octomom stopped making payments more than a year ago.

Amir Haddadin, who loaned Suleman more than $450k to buy the house, said his own credit has suffered as a result and was told by Indy-Mac bank yesterday morning that the auction had been postponed.

He told the website: 'The bank told me that the auction had been postponed until May 7 and I told them that Nadya had filed for bankruptcy, which I think they already knew.'



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