Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So easy, even she can use it! Amy Childs plays up to her 'dumb Essex girl' image as she launches new Smart camera

By Emily Sheridan

Since finding fame on The Only Way Is Essex, Amy Childs hasn't exactly been known as the brain of Britain.

And today the reality TV star played up to her 'dumb Essex girl' image as she launched the new Samsung Smart camera.

The new product was billed as so easy even Amy could use it as she posed with the shiny new camera at the Westfield shopping centre in White City, West London.

Even I can use it: Reality TV star Amy Childs launches the new Samsung Smart camera at Westfield Shopping Centre in West London today

The Celebrity Big Brother star, who is an avid tweeter and has over 1million follower on the site, made sure the Samsung launch today would have maximum impact in a tight sequinned bandeau dress and silver Kandee high heels.

The new camera, which comes in several colours, allows the user to connect to Facebook or another social-networking site via wi-fi so their photos can be transferred straight from the camera online.

Despite her ditzy image, Amy is a lot brighter than many people realise and was head girl at the £7,800-a-year private Raphael Independent School in Hornchurch, Essex.

Leggy: The 21-year-old reality star wore a tiny mini dress and towering heels for the launch

However, she admitted she struggled in many of her subjects due to her dyslexia and didn't get end up with good GCSE grades.

On Series 1 and 2 of TOWIE, she was portrayed as a lovable, but intellectually-challenged beautician.

Some of her famous quotes on the show included asking the name of the 'person who wrote the dictionary' and asking if a matador was a type of penguin.

Strike a pose: Amy takes a photo of herself so she can illustrate how to use the camera

Although Amy admitted her geography isn't good - she famously asked if Pakistan was the capital of India - she insists people underestimate her intelligence.

She said in an interview last year: 'The thing is on TOWIE, they are making a TV show so they edit stuff to make it funny.

'That’s what they did in series one when Kirk took me to the zoo for a date. It looked like I didn’t know what an elephant was. Or a giraffe. It made me look so thick! I do know what an elephant is. But I don’t know the capital of Pakistan.'

Snap! The redhead showcases the new Samsung camera



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