Saturday, May 5, 2012

They certainly caused a splash... Britain's Got Talent takes this week's show outside for synchronised swimming group

By Fehintola Betiku

It seems that this year in a bid to stay on top Britain's Got Talent is really pulling out all the stops.

And tonight's show will welcome to the stage a true variety of acts to get viewers cheering along from home.

A change of scenery gets the judges smiling as they'll be taken outside to watch a spectacular showing.

'Real grace and beauty': Aquabatique impress the whole panel on tonight's show

In the first part of the show Aquabatique, which is a group made up of four ladies called Emily, Zoe, Jazmine and Elizabeth, blow away the judges with a unique swimming dancing and gymnastic performance.

Truly taken back by their display, David Walliams says, 'Well I’m not an expert, I like swimming but I’ve never done synchronised swimming and I know it’s one of the hardest things to do, because you need such strength but you also need real grace and beauty and you girls have both.'

David continues, 'It made me feel proud'.

Always the charmer, Simon Cowell adds, 'Yeah, and excited and you look amazing! It’s like having a see through bath'.

'You're going to make a fortune': Simons tells 25-year-old Lucky who showed for her skills she'll go far

Following on from the four-piece's performance, Lucky a 25-year-old contortionist, guitarist and singer from London wows the panel with her flexibility.

Impressed Simon says, 'I always thought if you could combine those elements you’re going to make a fortune!'

He adds, 'I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life'.

Brynolf and Ljung: Simon and Alseha apologise for buzzing early during the Swedish duo's performance

'You could have a real career in this business': Rachel Knowland shines bright in her audition

Missing that spark: Like Mother Like Daughter leave the judges feeling like something's not right

An act that have the panel torn is a duo from Kent called Like Mother Like Daughter who fail to impress with their rendition of Plan B's smash hit She Said.

38-year-old mother Dawn and her daughter Abi, 14, left the judges feeling like Abi didn't want to be on stage.

Handing out some words of advice Alesha Dixon told them, 'I can’t help but feel this is your mum’s dream, I think you should carry on but maybe not as an act.'

Lightening up the mood David quips, 'Carry on as mother and daughter - I think they probably will'.

'I get it, I like it, I like you': Michael Fish's interesting set gets a nod from Simon Cowell

'Inventive' and 'different': Area 51 get a thumbs up from Cowell

Martyn Crofts, 42 from Yorkshire doesn't make quite the impact he had hoped with Simon but he gets Alesha's and Amanda's votes.

The former head judge says, 'Do you know what, I loved that! I did, it’s variety and that’s what Britain’s Got Talent is all about'.

Not sure what she liked about the audition, Alesha adds, I actually did enjoy it, that’s what confusing me I’m not supposed to like you but I really did!'

'I loved it': 42-year-old Dalek impressionist Martyn Crofts receives a massive compliment from Amanda Holden



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