Monday, July 30, 2012

Are you my boyfriend or not! Is Michelle Keegan sending a message to Max George with French slogan on her T-shirt?

By Colette Fahy

She called off her 19-month romance with Max George a week ago but could Michelle Keegan be having second thoughts?

The Coronation Street actress and The Wanted singer’s rocky romance finally ended on July 20 but as Michelle opened the Summer Explosion season at Drayton Manor Theme Park in Staffordshire today, he still appeared to be on her mind.

The beautiful brunette wore a simple white T-shirt with the words ‘Sont vous mon petit ami ou pas?', which translate to ‘Are you my boyfriend or not?' emblazoned inside a heart, showing that perhaps she is still invested in the relationship.

Could Michelle Keegan be sending a not so subtle message to her ex boyfriend Max George at Drayton Manor theme park opening with this slogan T-shirt which translates as 'Are you my boyfriend or not?'

Despite the ambiguity over her relationship, Michelle didn’t appear too heartbroken as she enjoyed herself on the attractions.

Wearing a pair of jeans and white plimsolls, her dark hair was tied in a loose bun on top of her head.

Michelle also wore a pair of hooped earrings and kept her make-up simple.
She also sported a huge smile as she tried out the various rides including Ben 10 and Apolcalypse.

It was a VIP experience all the way for Keegan, 25, who was chauffeured around the park in a golf buggy.

Michelle seemed to be having a whale of a time as she tried out the various attractions after opening the Summer Explosion season at the theme park

Michelle sported two different hairstyles as she made the rounds at Drayton Manor theme park but is former boyfriend Max still on her mind with this T-short slogan which translates as 'Are you my boyfriend or not?'

She was also spotted tucking into an ice cream later and had changed her hairstyle into a loose plait.

While Michelle was in high spirits today, it is surprising she jumped on the rides with such gusto as she spend last night partying with pals in Manchester.

The newly-single star showed off her slim figure in a black and white optical illusion dress and blue suede heels as she partied at Tiger Tiger in Manchester.

Wearing a big smile on her face, there was no sign of her heartbreak following the recent end of her romance.

Michelle tried out the Apocalypse ride at the theme park and seemed to be enjoying herself

Michelle's slogan T-shirt was clearly on display although Max seemed to be the last thing on her minds as she enjoyed her day

Michelle's night out came after she returned to Twitter on Friday after a 10 day absence.

After work on Friday, she headed up to Glasgow with her father for a personal appearance at the Savoy nightclub, before returning to Manchester on Saturday for her much needed night out.

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend also made a return to the spotlight following their split, joining his band The Wanted on stage at the Olympic Torch Relay concert in London's Hyde Park on Thursday.

Michelle kept her eyes closed as she tried out one of the scary rides, perhaps it was all too much for her but she was still all smiles throughout the day

Larking around: The pretty brunette playfully screamed as she tried out some of the attractions at Drayton Manor theme park

Michelle’s spokesperson confirmed to the MailOnline that the pair had split on July 20.

The couple began dating in December 2010, with Max proposing on Michelle's birthday in June 2011.

However, they have spent most this year apart with Michelle stuck in Manchester filming Coronation Street and Max travelling all over the world with The Wanted.

Nothing better to take your mind off heartbreak than the adrenaline rush of amusement park rides!

Daredevil! Michelle wasn't afraid to try any of the terrifying rides and appeared thrilled with all of them

Michelle and her pals got soaked but didn't seem to care as they enjoyed their day

Despite wearing a T-shirt which appeared to send a message to her ex, Michelle was in great spirits

Lucky Michelle got the VIP treatment as she was ferried around the theme park in a golf buggy

Max stunned fans when he announced in April they had called off their engagement, but insisted they were still a couple.

In June, Max was photographed leaving a Mayfair nightclub with a pretty brunette and was photographed kissing a fan last week.

Michelle was all smiles as she opened the Summer Explosion season at Drayton Manor theme park although her T-shirt seemed to be sending a message to her ex Max

Michelle and former fiance Max in happier times before calling time on their 19-month-romance



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