Friday, July 13, 2012

He just keeps on scoring! Mario Balotelli surrounds himself with VERY scantily clad ladies as he takes them for a spin on jet ski amid lovechild claim

By Kimberley Dadds

His ex-girlfriend may be pregnant and insistent he is the father of her child. But that hasn't prevented Mario Balotelli from having plenty of fun.

The Italian striker continued to enjoy his holiday in the party isle of Ibiza and he has not shortage of female company.

Surrounded: Mario Balotelli took his mind off his ex-girlfriend claiming she is pregnant with his child by partying with a bevvy of girls on holiday in Ibiza

Jump aboard! The Italian striker seemed to take a shine to one fair-haired lady who went for a spin while clutching on to him

He was seen yesterday seemingly without a care in the world as he got close to a couple of scantily clad women.

The 21-year-old looked happy and carefree as he wore some baggy white board shorts and lapped up the rays.

And his smile spread even wider as he was flanked by a bevvy of girls in string bikinis.

Lapping it up: The footballer is set to take a paternity test after his ex Rafaella Fico came forward to claim she is four months pregnant with his baby

Taking a dip: Mario has been partying and letting his hair down since the Euros finished despite his personal issues

Ready! Balotelli took the mystery woman for a spin as his friends got their own jet skis for the fun watersporting afternoon

Balotelli seemed to take a shine to one blonde lady in particular, who happily jumped on the back of his jet ski.

She showed off why she'd caught his eye as she bent over to reveal her tanned and toned derriere.

Mario wrapped up in a life jacket as he took charge of the water vehicle.

And he could be seen zooming through the water as his friends also jumped aboard jet skis.

Water babes: Mario split from his ex Rafaella in April amid reports he cheated on her but she is now four months pregnant

Ripped: Balotelli showed off his sports man physique as he enjoyed the heat on the beach

Fun day out: Mario chose to take one girl on his jet ski as they all hovered on the waves into the afternoon

They later jumped off and into the water before drying off.

The footballer's former girlfriend Rafaella Fico revealed she is pregnant earlier this month and is so adamant that Balotelli is the father she's agreed to allow a paternity test to take place.

Fico split from the sports man in April amid reports he had cheated on her.

Initially it was reported that he was 'delighted' with the news but Manchester City and Italy striker Balotelli then issued a strongly worded statement in which he said he would 'accept his full responsibilities once a paternity test' had been taken to establish if he really was the father.

Getting off: Balotelli didn't seem troubled at all as he took his mind off Fico to enjoy his holiday even more

Cruising: Balotelli has been enjoying his time on the White Isle over the last few days as he causes a stir with fellow holidaymakers

Fico has since released a heartfelt letter to the star via Italian weekly magazine, Chi.

Since news of her pregnancy emerged Balotelli has been spotted living it up in nightclubs near his home town of Brescia as well as in the south of France after being given a few days extra holiday while his City team mates are on pre-season training in Austria.

Last week after he issued the statement demanding a paternity test Raffaella's brother Francesco, also angrily hit out at the player saying he was showing a lack of respect towards his pregnant sister.

As they were: Fico is so adamant Balotelli is the father of her unborn child she's willing to let him take a paternity test



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