Monday, July 9, 2012

'I got tired of tucking my extra skin in my knickers': Kerry Katona reveals she's still unhappy with her body after a tummy tuck

By Georgina Littlejohn

She announced to the world that she had undergone the drastic cosmetic surgery procedure while appearing on a celebrity cooking show.

But Kerry Katona has revealed that despite having a tummy tuck, she still hates her body and is very self-conscious about it.

The reality TV star went under the knife in May after admitting that she hated the saggy skin on her stomach after having four children.

Money well spent? Kerry Katona revealed that she underwent a tummy tuck for extra stomach skin that 'had to go' - but admitted she still hates her body

But as she showed off the results of the operation in a couple of sexy swimsuits for a magazine shoot, she said she hated posing for the cameras in the beachwear.

Speaking to Now magazine, she said: 'I feel extremely uncomfortable and really unhappy taking my clothes off in front of people.'

Silver siren: Kerry looked sensational in this cutaway swimsuit but admitted she still doesn't like her body

Talking about the decision to have to cosmetic procedure, she said: 'My stomach skin used to hang down.

'I had a scar from my Caesarean there anyway so they cut over it. Honestly, underneath these clothes it’s just scars, scars, scars. I look like a noughts and crosses board!

'I’ve had four children, which means there was loads of loose skin because my stomach had stretched so much. No matter how many sit-ups I did it wouldn’t go.

It's over: Kerry recently split from her boyfriend of nine months, Steve Alce

'I got tired of tucking my extra skin in my knickers. It was like having an extra toe that shouldn’t be there.

'I had to get it removed.

'But even if I had no scars I’d still look in the mirror and think, "Oh God, I hate myself. I hate my body".'

Kerry has been seen working out in her local parks and participating in boot camps but says she doesn't want to lose any more weight, just tighten up.

She said: 'I don’t want to be a celebrity promoting skinniness. I know I’ve had a tummy tuck, but it wasn’t to lose weight. I was 10st the last time I weighed myself, but I think I carry it well.

'It’s hard. Not everyone can be a Victoria Beckham and get their body back quickly. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer. I can’t!'

But she admitted that she was going to go under the knife again after she took part in Dancing On Ice and she lost a lot of weight on her bust.

She said: 'I was going to have another boob job, but I decided I didn’t want implants again. Luckily, I put a bit of weight on and my boobs have started growing again. I’m a 34E now.'

She also spoke to the magazine about recently splitting from her boyfriend of nine months, Steve Alce and admitted she got scared of the commitment.

She revealed: 'Steve’s a beautiful person inside and out. The kids loved him. I’ve probably made the biggest mistake of my life.

'But I just want to be on my own. I’ll be honest with you, I felt responsible for him. He was devastated. I’m nearly crying now because he’s a lovely guy. I can’t fault him – he wasn’t a cheat, he wasn’t argumentative. We even spoke about marriage and kids.

'I’m tired of looking after other people. I’ve got so much to deal with – money issues, solicitors, tax. I couldn’t carry him as well. The sad thing is he’s madly in love with me.'

As she was: Kerry had a shapeless and much fuller middle on holiday three years ago

Read the full interview with Kerry in Now magazine out now



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