Friday, July 6, 2012

'You cast a spell on me': New TOWIE couple Gemma and Arg caught kissing as she cheers him on at singing gig

By Andrea Magrath

Those first few weeks of a new relationship, when you can't keep your eyes, or hands, off of each other, is a familiar feeling for most.

Hot new TOWIE couple James Argent and Gemma Collins are clearly wrapped up in their new romance, and were spotted kissing and canoodling at his gig in Southend-On-Sea last night.

The pair were snapped whispering to each other in the corner of seafood restaurant Castaways, and the crooner pulled Gemma up onstage to serenade her in front of the audience.

Sealed with a kiss: Gemma Collins and James Argent were spotted kissing up a storm at a fish and chip restaurant in Southend-On-Sea

Gemma's joy was clear for all to see, her gleeful smile plastered on her face throughout the evening as she danced to her man's singing.

The pair's body language gave away all the signs of new love, with Arg leaning in close and grinning as they whispered in the corner.

Gemma sipped her straw seductively and gazed up at her new man, before he leaned in to kiss her.

You cast a spell on me: Arg only had eyes for his new love as they whispered in the corner

This one's for you: Arg was doing a PA at the restaurant, with Gemma there to support him

Their open affection is the clearest indication yet that the pair are serious about each other, after their romance getting off to a shaky start.

Gemma was in her element as she held court with Arg's family and friends, including Amy Childs, who also came down to cheer him on.

Wearing a form-fitting black dress, the bubbly blonde grooved on the dance floor with Amy as Arg sang 'You cast a spell on me' to her.

The looks of love: Gemma was full of smiles as she grooved to her man's singing

Three's company: Their old co-star Amy Childs came down to say hello

Clearly touched, she tweeted later: 'You cast a spell on me ... #gladicame xx'

As the couple left after the performance, they both had huge smiles plastered on their faces as Arg draped an arm around her shoulders.

As they sped off, Arg couldn't keep his eyes off his lady.

Get our groove on: The reality stars danced to the music

Lovestruck: Arg whispered in Gemma's ear as the pair gripped hands

During the summer special episode of The Only Way Is Essex in Marbella, it was revealed that Gemma and Arg had enjoyed a tryst during the season break in filming.

Gemma was hurt when she found out that he had been making fun of her and revealing intimate details to his pals.

During a showdown at a pool party, Gemma furiously tore into him, famously promising that he would 'never get this candy.'

Telltale smiles: Arg and Gemma couldn't wipe the grins off their faces as they headed home

Can't take my eyes off of you: Arg kept his gaze fixed on Gemma as they sped off

But she has had a change of heart, and the couple have gotten their romance back on track with two holidays together since filming ended.

Arg secretly flew to Turkey last month to meet Gemma, while she joined him and Mark Wright's family in Spain last week.

But despite the brewing romance, Arg has said that he plans to conduct the relationship off-camera. Fans will have to wait to see if he sticks to his word.

A night of romance: Amy was there with her new boyfriend



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