Monday, August 6, 2012

Blooming beautiful! Imogen Thomas debuts her baby bump after revealing she is expecting her first child

By Sarah Bull and Colette Fahy

She revealed the surprise news over the weekend that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Adam Horsley and couldn't be happier.

And today Imogen Thomas debuted her baby bump, showing off her changing form as she stepped out in London this morning.

The former reality television contestant, 29, looked radiant as she headed out, placing a protective hand on her already blooming stomach.

Blooming: Imogen Thomas debuted her baby bump this morning as she stepped out after announcing that she's pregnant with her first child

Beaming Imogen, who is 12 weeks along in her pregnancy, wore an Ed Hardy T-shirt which clung to her curves as she headed out after announcing her happy news.

Revealing her pregnancy to The Sun over the weekend, Imogen said: 'I can’t believe how happy I am, what happened last year was utterly horrendous.

'I never thought I would find happiness again but finding love and then falling pregnant has transformed my life.'

However, despite her happy appearance this morning, Imogen has been subjected to a barrage of vicious tweets from internet trolls after announcing her pregnancy.

Proud mummy-to-be: Imogen seen beaming today in Muswell Hill, London

Grin: Imogen placed a protective hand over her three-month baby bump today as she beamed at waiting photographers

A lot to smile about: Yesterday Imogen said: I never thought I would find happiness again but finding love and then falling pregnant has transformed my life.'

One comment on her Twitter page read: 'Who's baby is it or shall we expect a "celebrity Jeremy Kyle"? In all seriousness give us a clue what position does he play? (sic)'

Another added: 'Imogen Thomas, sorry but pouting seductively while pregnant n dressed suggestively is wrong, pregnancy is special not to make more £££. (sic)'

But Imogen refused to let the offensive messages get her down, responding: 'Once again THANK YOU so much for such wonderful tweets. No1 will spoil our special day. I'm so happy.'

Keeping fit: Imogen revealed she had a scare when she reached the six-week mark in her pregnancy, but is now healthy at 12 weeks gone

The baby is the first for Imogen and Adam, her boyfriend of 10 months, with the Welsh star revealing she's confident she is expecting a girl - despite being only 12 weeks along.

She said: ‘I’m convinced I am having a girl because I can’t stop being sick and eating potatoes of all descriptions, my mum had the same symptoms with me.’

Imogen’s mother guessed her daughter could be pregnant when the reality TV star couldn’t stop crying at a family Christening.

Happy couple: Imogen is expecting her first child with boyfriend Adam Horsley (pictured here in May)

Although Imogen admits she was drunk on gin at the time which always makes her emotional, her mother’s question made her get a pregnancy test.

While Imogen and Adam have only been together for a short time she isn’t worried, explaining she has been ready for motherhood for some time.

While her pregnancy is going smoothly now, Imogen had a terrifying scare at the six-week stage when she starting bleeding and needed an emergency scan.

Luckily everything was fine and she is now relieved to have made it to the 12-week mark where she can share her joy with the world.



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