Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jasmine Lennard RETURNS to Celebrity Big Brother to help save ratings dip... and this time she's got her mother with her

By J J Anisiobi

After being the first housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house, Jasmine Lennard is set to make a sensational return.

The model only left the house on Wednesday evening but has now gone back into it to help boost ratings and cause trouble.

The 27-year-old will be taking part in a secret mission with her mother right there with her to help stir things up.

Marilyn Galsworthy, who was once a Bond girl, will enter the house pretending to be a genuine celebrity psychic while Jasmine watches on from a secret room.

A close friend of Jasmine's told the Mail Online that Channel 5 were desperate to get her back on screen because ratings had dropped since she was booted out the house.

The source said: 'Everyone at Five has been enormously impressed by her. Ratings dropped when she left, so she has been sent back into the house today with her mother Marilyn Galsworthy, a former Bond girl.'

A chip off the old block: Jasmine's mother Marilyn Galsworthy will also be entering the house

Show time: Rhian and Julie were both involved in arguments with Jasmine

Marilyn will need to make her fellow housemates believe that she is a genuine housemate by delivering predictions which Jasmine will give her via a hidden ear piece.

If the mother and daughter can fool the housemates into believing Marilyn is a real Mystic Meg, Jasmine will be rewarded with a 'very special prize'.

However, if they fail to convince them, the housemates will get a reward instead and Jasmine will be punished.

Relishing her comeback: Jasmine couldn't wipe the smile off her face as she enjoyed being close to her former housemates again

Watching it all unfold: Lennard watched as her mother fooled the contestants and made her way into the house

If the fiery brunette is allowed to mingle with the house, Julie Goodyear, Danica, and Rhian will all be dreading a confrontation after having had spats with the star already.

The source confirmed to the Mail Online that not only has Jasmine been brought back on to the show, but she will soon be starring in her own reality programme.

They said: 'Yes, there has been talks about a reality show and other exciting developments with Five.'

Her turn: Jasmine's mother Marilyn, who used to be a Bond Girl, sat in the Diary Room chair before setting off on her task



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