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The pictures that drove a stake through Robert Pattinson's heart: Kristen Stewart's intimate betrayal with married director caught on camera

By Chris Johnson

A sorry saga: Kristen Stewart is swept off her feet by married director Rupert Sanders as he wraps his arms around her and nuzzles her neck at a secluded stop-off in Los Angeles on July 17

These are the astonishing photographs which capture Kristen Stewart locked in a series of steamy encounters with married director Rupert Sanders.

The candid pictures lay bare the duplicitous pair's intimate betrayal of their respective partners, Robert Pattinson and Liberty Ross, who have been left heartbroken in the wake of the scandal.

Kristen and Rupert may have thought their afternoon of passion was being conducted away from prying eyes.

This wasn't in the script: Stewart, who was directed by Sanders in Snow White And The Huntsman, kisses Sanders as they sit inside her car during the same afternoon

Up close and personal: The pair thought they were conducting their fling away from prying eyes - but it marked the moment they were caught out

But unfortunately for them, July 17 marked the moment they were well and truly caught out.

Two weeks later the photographs - showing them kissing and hugging at secluded stop-offs around Los Angeles - were published in American magazine Us Weekly.

It saw Kristen's shy and retiring image turned upside down over night and caused outrage among devastated Twilight fans.

Touchy-feely: Sanders takes a grip of Stewart as she leans against a wall while they check out the view

Affectionate: The pair engage in a playful tussle with a smitten Sanders unable to keep his hands off her

Embrace: In another intimate shot, Kristen and Rupert share a lingering hug

Not only has it left a dark stain on her reputation and - some say - tainted the Twilight franchise, but the scandal has thrown the spotlight on to Rupert Sanders.

The British director might be used to standing behind the camera - but, along with Stewart, he has been thrust centre stage of the resulting media onslaught.

By his own admission, he is now 'praying' that he can ride the storm - and save his marriage to British Vogue model Liberty Ross, 33, who he has two young children with, Skyla and Tennyson.

Sneaky behaviour: The publication of the incriminating photographs forced the pair to each release public apologies to their respective partners

Hands entwined: K-Stew and Rupert were both dressed casually, with the 22-year-old actress opting for jogging bottoms, a white vest top and red trainers

Hardly a fairytale: Sanders is married with two children... but couldn't resist getting his fangs stuck in to the Twilight actress

At 19 years Stewart's senior, some have pointed the finger more firmly at the 41-year-old filmmaker for engaging her young and impressionable sensibilities.

Whatever the case, the pair were each forced into a remorseful public apology - making it the first time Stewart has ever acknowledged her four-year relationship with 26-year-old R-Patz.

She called it a 'momentary indiscretion', conceding the fling had 'jeopardised the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most...'

A torrid tale: Kristen slinks towards the filmmaker on their furtive afternoon together

Ready for more? They were then seen retiring to her Mini Cooper

Gushing, in a very unlike-Stewart way, she pleaded: 'Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry.'

Sanders referred to his 'beautiful wife and heavenly children,' adding: 'I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.'

More than a week on from the news breaking, the torrid tale has generated a constant stream of headlines, while the question still remains as to how the story will resolve.

Bad romance: Things got even steamier once inside the vehicle...

Getting physical: Rupert moves in for the kill, and appears to be kissing her neck

Fast and furious: Kristen's 'momentary indiscretion' appears to know no bounds

Pattinson, who remains in hiding, is said to be taking the news hard - and drowning his sorrows. reported this week that Robert has been 'drinking and relying on friends to deal with the pain'.

After moving out of his LA love nest with Stewart, the actor sought refuge at his Water For Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon's Ojai ranch in California.

Liberty, who played Kristen's on-screen mother in the Huntsman, meanwhile, is said to have banned Rupert from ever working with Kristen again.

She's no Snow White: R-Patz is said to be drowning his sorrows in the wake of the scandal

Muscling in: Kristen flexes her biceps during the steamy encounter

It's cast doubt on whether he will get to helm the rumoured sequel movie.

As for R-Patz and K-Stew, they still have a final film to promote in November, Breaking Dawn Part 2.

No doubt the studio behind the blockbuster franchise - Summit Entertainment - is praying the pair stick it out for one last red carpet hurrah.

But once Twilight ends, will they too?

Driving him wild: Stewart and Sanders made a series of stop-offs at secluded spots around Los Angeles

Hanging in the balance: Kristen and R-Patz at the Teen Choice Awards just five days later and, right, 'family man' Rupert with wife Liberty Ross and children Skyla and Tennyson in May at a Huntsman screening in LA



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