Sunday, September 23, 2012

'I felt so embarrassed and ashamed': Tulisa reveals sexually attack horror at 16 after her drink was spiked

Tulisa Contostavlos has revealed she was sexually assaulted after being drugged when she was 16.

Recalling what started as a night out in friends in her new autobiography, the singer revealed how her 'fearless nature' put her in some horrible situations.

The now 24-year-old recalled how she had seen her friends putting pills in people's drinks and told them that she didn't want to get involved on the night the alleged attack took place.

In the book Honest: My Story So Far, which is being serialised by The Sun, Tulisa admits she even lied about having a heart condition in a bid to preventing her drink wouldn't get spiked.

As the evening progressed, she recalls all of a sudden feeling 'abnormally drunk', despite only having a few drinks.

Following a few dizzy spells, the Camden-born singer soon lost her footing and was escorted out of the club for fresh air.

Still haunting to talk about, Tulisa remembered: 'The next thing I remembered was waking up. lying in the back of a cab and seeing the street lights whizzing past me through the windows. I felt completely out of it, and I blacked out again.'

The next time the Young singer came around, she was in a strange bedroom.

Then... Tulisa rose to fame alongside cousin Dappy and Fazer as a member of N-Dubz

Now... The 24-year-old revealed that she never reported the attack to the police

And worse still, in regaining consciousness to her horror she found that her friend was having non-consensual sex with her before passing out again.

'I couldn't even move, let alone get up or speak, and once again I just blacked out. When I finally woke up in the morning I found myself in a strange house'.

In the morning as Tulisa tried to come to terms with what the person she had considered a 'friend' had done, she found herself greeted with a kind gesture.

The mother of the boy believed that the MOBO award-winner star was her son's girlfriend and offered to make her a cup of tea.

She admitted that she felt 'so embarrassed and ashamed' that she failed to tell the boy's mother what had really happened.

She continued: 'I went into the bathroom and burst into tears. Then I pulled myself together, got dressed, and left without saying another word, crying all the way home.'

Eight years on and the former N-Dubz star revealed that person who allegedly attacked her was never brought to justice as she never reported the crime.

Stating that she has now 'come to terms' with the ordeal, Tulisa did say that although she spoke out to friends about what had happened to her, confusion and her age played a big part in her not being courageous enough to seek police help or tell her family.

But ever the fighter, the singer boldly stated that had the attack taken place now, it would be a very different story given her newfound personal strength.



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