Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Lycra, the Teen bride and the Wardrobe! Courtney Stodden reveals the secrets of her boudoir

By Amelia Proud

A reflection of our times: Courtney Stodden welcomes her fans into her closet to show off her favourite clothes, shoes and feather boas

On her fervid, alliterative Twitter, Courtney Stodden is prone to making daily status updates about the way she feels, the food she eats and the clothes she wears.

It's fair to say that she comes across as a tactile person; one with an almost visceral connection to 'a milky T-shirt dripping' from her body or a 'plush' bra and knickers set.

The 17-year-old paints a fantastical portrait of her home life; one filled with sensuous pleasures, delectable foodie treats and incongruously, religious observances.

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But her prose is so artificially over-the-top that few people believe her frenzied observations.

For example, she wrote a few weeks ago: 'Playfully licking frosting off of the tips of my tasty fingers while I plunge into a precious pile of soft feather boa scarves - MEOW! XOs'

Hardly sounds like it can be true, does it? Or does it?

Does Courtney, who is famously married to X Files actor Doug Hutchison, 51 , really spend her days throwing herself giddily into piles of feather boas?

Well, it would seem possible as the teen bride has opened up her own Narnia to reveal it is in fact stuffed with feather boas.

The lycra, the teen bride and the wardrobe: Courtney poses in front of her magical kingdom

Framed by feather boas: The items Courtney talks about on her Twitter are all evident in her bedroom

Sitting on a rainbow: Courtney's goodies are enough to scorch your retinas, if her clothes were edible they'd have too many e numbers

It's also replete with dozens of tiny dresses, bright and sparkly enough to scorch your retina all of them.

And if that's not enough to set your synapses sparking, there also dwells a rainbow of shoes - all high, all wholly impractical.

Courtney is on hand, of course, to model her finery... and poses in a variety of lascivious positions including draped on her bed with her clothes strewn around her.

This life of leisure will be coming to an end soon, however, as Courtney is planning to ramp up her music career.

Vertiginous: Courtney showed off her many pairs of platform heel shoes

Quick change: And avid animal supporter Courtney's pooch has found his way into the frame for this one

The pneumatic blonde and her husband are searching for dancers and extras for the production of her brand new music video, and has taken to the internet to complete its casting.

The ad reads: 'Musician and actress Courtney Stodden is currently seeking dancers and extras for her upcoming music video production taking place in Hollywood, California.

'With nearly 7,000,000 views on YouTube, this is your opportunity to star side by side with one of the internet's biggest pop culture sensations.'

Courtney, who describes herself as a 'recording artist' on her Twitter page, was spotted heading to a recording studio last month on Doug's arm.

Rocking the black: Courtney has tweeted recently about her new rock look, the black nail polish and dress seem to be the extent of this change

No Cinderella: Courtney is treated like a 'princess' by husband Doug and therefore has dozens of pairs of magical slippers

During her studio session on she could be found sentences such as:
‘While hardcore hits dominate my every move - I suddenly strip - & jump on top of a sexy sports car as I begin to wash it uncontrollably!’

She later added more suggestive words: ‘Smoothly shooting whipped cream into the erotic air and watching it as it lustfully lands on all the right places of my candy-coated body...’

Courtney has been desperate for stardom for several years.

She released a series of provocative music videos when she was just 15 in an attempt to launch a music career.

And there's more? The heavily made up teen flaunts some bubblegum pink sandals with a surprisingly low heel

There she goes again: Courtney is at it with the feather boas once more, and in this shot, she almost looks her age

Full page spread: Courtney's full photo shoot is seen in this week's edition of NW Australia

She flaunted her assets in a skin tight camouflage vest in the Nevada desert while sitting in a convertible sports vehicle in one of the films, for the song Car Candy.

In a second video called Don't Put It On Me she poses in a boat wearing a pink bathing suit, along with a similarly coloured poodle.

Watch Courtney's previous attempt at becoming a pop star here...



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