Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still at war in the style stakes: Reese Witherspoon looks slim and pretty in pink optical illusion dress during latest This Means War press conference


Flattering: Reese Witherspoon used an optical illusion dress to show off her physique during a press conference in Seoul, South Korea

t's the look that has been championed by Kate Winslet to show off her curves yet make her appear slim.

And now Reese Witherspoon has adopted the style by donning her own optical illusion dress by Michael Kors to her latest This Means War press conference.

The actress is still on the promotional trail for the comedy, despite it so far being panned by critics.

And during a press visit to South Korea this week she was certainly there to make an impression as she turned up in a vibrant pink frock.

The 35-year-old actress waved to the press as she strutted out at the event at the Lotte Cinema Theater in Seoul showing off her figure in the flattering number.

It had carefully placed black lines to give her a slimmer waist yet a curvier outline, a look which was first seen on Carol Vorderman before Kate Winslet made it her staple wardrobe piece.

Matching the look with black tights and high black heels, Reese looked in a happy mood as she grinned widely for her audience.

Director: She was joined by filmmaker McG at the event on Thursday where they were questioned about the film

She was joined by This Means War director McG at the event, designed to promote the film to the South Korean market.

The movie, about two CIA agents who are also best friends until they fall in love with the same woman, played by Reese, was given a lacklustre write up when it was released in America.

It has been described by some critics as 'perfectly dreadful', insisting it should have been re-shot, while it received a mauling on Rotten Tomatoes with a meagre score of 45%.

But she has remained on the warpath to promote her latest picture, which also stars Tom Hardy and Chris Pine as the CIA agents.

Sitting pretty: The blonde star was happy to receive a grilling from the audience

On the promotional trail: They have been busy promoting the comedy over the last few weeks at different events around the world

While the male stars were missing from the latest press conference, McG was there to talk all about the film.

But he went for a more casual affair from his star, opting for dark jeans with turn ups over shoes, a black jumper and a stripey shirt.

Reese, meanwhile, has also been opening up about her personal life as well as her career.

She recently opened up about her split from former husband Ryan Phillippe, describing the time of her life as a 'challenge' as she became used to being a single mother to 12-year-old Ava and Deacon, eight, following their divorce in 2007.

Centre of attention: Actors Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play CIA agents in the film who are best friends that fall for the same woman

She said: 'That period in my life was a challenge but you feel so much stronger once you pick up the pieces and make a new world for yourself.

'You rethink a lot of things and you develop a much sharper sense of what is going to make you happy. Many people go through crossroads in their lives, times where everything falls apart and you don't know what to do next.

'But you learn so much and it makes decisions easier going forward.'

And Reese, who is now married to talent agent Jim Toth, insists she's now learned to compromise in her relationships to make them work.

She adds: 'You have to be ready for a relationship so once you are finally in the right situation, I think you have to be willing to compromise and negotiate.

'I don't think it's war, but I do think it's a negotiation.'



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